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Example sentences for nagging

By day nine, one of the boys was forced to withdraw because of a nagging ankle injury.
So, our feathers have been ruffled lately by a nagging fear that one of our pullets is a rooster.
Most of this zone gets a nagging afternoon wind in summer.
Different approaches but with the same nagging feelings driving it.
In a synchronous discontinuous universe these nagging questions find natural explanations.
The final paragraph left a nagging question, however.
Being seen on television could cut against that nagging sense of devaluation.
Often he struggled with a sense of inadequacy, a nagging feeling that he had seldom written anything worthwhile.
His publishers were always nagging him for overdue manuscripts.
Consider one of the nagging environmental problems around the world: urban air quality.
On both sides of the fourth wall was a nagging awkwardness.
Why stimulation should even work, actually, is a nagging scientific question.
The concept seems applicable to humans, too, because it helps to resolve a nagging flaw in average-face studies.
The problem is, many of us have a nagging feeling that its probably true in some sense.
Nagging injuries were a problem when he was eligible.
Nothing super serious, but at the same time, it's nagging.
Second, single wannabe lovers are queuing up to use it, rather than resenting its nagging.
Even so, there is a nagging fear that a country that has seen such huge capital inflows may not have used all the money wisely.
My one nagging concern is that technological obsolescence will sap avenues for growth by eliminating the need for labor.
Nagging from newspapers, foreigners and the opposition leaves the government unmoved.
The nagging fear is that both trends may be reaching a limit.
One nagging problem for the industry is fears about animal cruelty.
If you can't, that is fine and you can keep on nagging in this forum.
Moreover, the coalition has nagging doubts about who exactly it might be arming.
It is a nagging thought that occasionally wakes this correspondent in the early hours, for it could do him out of a job.
They conjure up images of patients nagging doctors into prescribing pills that may not be the best treatment for their ills.
One nagging worry is migration by ethnic kin from two poorer neighbours.
But the question nagging some of us is why this was the choice on the table.
But medicine raises the nagging question this may not be true.
The grand macro-solutions often neglect the nagging micro-foundations.
Then there are the nagging intellectual property headaches.
Cutting jobs in the midst of a recession with nagging high unemployment, while corporations are sitting on large cash stockpiles.
Frustration took its toll on many teachers-the result of a nagging sense of deprivation.
Yet, our brains send us nagging signals that they are not.
The program provides a safe and ethical outlet for individuals with a nagging interest in archaeology.

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