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Example sentences for nadir

This spiritual nadir came as his career began to peak.
Then came the nadir of his season, the 81 in the Memorial.
At the nadir, I was sleeping about 2-3 hours a night and writing or revising when everyone else was asleep.
We are close to the nadir of the human soul here.
And even at its nadir there were signs of awakening.
Morale among rank-and-file officers has sunk to a nadir, many officers say.
For an older generation of architects these buildings embody the absolute nadir of the welfare state.
By the time minimalism rolled around, fabric was at its nadir.
The nadir came with the trip to the open-air market.
Their usage is as much as three times higher at its peak than at its nadir.

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In this nadir of poetic repute, when the only verse that most people read from one year's end to the next i... more

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