nabbed in a sentence

Example sentences for nabbed

But its new employees were of high quality, even though it might have nabbed a few better candidates by waiting.
The cameras were installed on a beltway and nabbed speeders.
There was plenty of interplanetary booty to be nabbed.
We nabbed the top of the chimney and came back up with a chunk of sulfide in a box, she says.
If you get nabbed, you're potentially on the hook for fines ranging into the thousands of dollars.
Now they win them when yet another leader is nabbed.
Now there are few big network airlines left to be nabbed.
He has nabbed the ministries of finance, defence and public works for himself.
Doug is always being nabbed by the police, but he is seen serving only one jail term.
Lawmen nabbed four officers and two civilians last week.
Household items get nabbed amid rising commodity prices.
The other is that the scam is so good you'll never be nabbed.
At a signal, they threw percussion grenades and nabbed the leaders of the riot.
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