naïvety in a sentence

Example sentences for naïvety

Monopolizing on the naivety of generational consumer influx sets these insane ideals.
Your naivety and toxicity is one more example of what will take our country down.
But that tends to be the naivety of a new generation.
The few pieces produced during this time show a return to the naivety that characterized the first years of his career.
These outside perspectives helped her to decode her own milieu and to shed some of her intellectual naivety.
When they start to look evil, it is usually out of naivety.
The left wing westerners in their naivety believe applying their values will solve all.
The posters' naivety about freedom of speech is astonishing.
There really is a lot of naivety being shown in here about how things in our system actually work.
Such naivety, if that is what it is, will not survive long beyond the university's walls.
He is an affable character, who likes to laugh and joke with the press, and who feigns tactical naivety.
With your technology, comes naivety about the source, and accountability can get lost within the whole process.
She says now that that fear came from her own naivety and trust in her attacker's warnings to stay silent.
It is time to move past naivety to reality when it comes to prevention efforts.
And again, forgive me if my naivety as a new member does not allow me to know the answer to this question.
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