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Example sentences for naïveté

The amount of naivete out there is not limited to people with business degrees.
The level of scientific naivete in the funding of biofuel development is extraordinary.
However, your naivete and lack of understanding of the fossil fuel industry and business in general is staggering.
The naivete of these records may be appreciated by the following extracts.
Some of the defenses of ethnic studies are shocking in their naivete.
The degree of naivete implicit in that quote is nothing short of staggering for somebody in his position.
The level of naivete on display here by certain commenters is truly astounding.
Further, this naivete is not limited to the human brain.
It might be naivete to place a sovereign country's defense in peaceful co-operation.
Those claiming to be shocked are shocking for their naivete.
Or simply the vast unexplored territory of your own naivete.
The author delights in mimicking the gauche naivete of folk narrative.
And many universities view their naiveté and energy as an exploitable resource.
These marks express a sort of naiveté, observed by a wiser soul.
Your naiveté is astonishing and you confirm it every time with your irrelevant,untenable and purely emotional posts.
For you to think otherwise betrays your political naivete.
Their business naivete was a plus, helping them avoid many common mistakes of the dotcom age.
Winter severity influenced the wolf-elk relationship more than the naivete of the elk herd to predation by wolves.
In their neglect of policy studies, researchers have maintained an ongoing naivete about the politics of science education.
Interaction with e-mentors reduces student geographic naivete and the barrier of geography.

Famous quotes containing the word naïveté

Nothing is beautiful, except man alone: all aesthetics rests upon this naïveté, which is its first truth.... more
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