naïvely in a sentence

Example sentences for naïvely

It is not something that can be naively boxed in and resolutely handed over to extinction.
Naively, there seems to be no correspondence between the experiment and the real astrophysical system.
Perhaps their initial ideals are unrealistically and naively high.
Too many commentators naively suppose that all dimensions of inequality wax and wane together, but it is not so.
Here, they are once again mistaken to believe naively that past success would replicate themselves.
The necessity to pay for repairs can be naively ignored because repairs don't seem automatic.
Your view of the problem is naively one dimensional, and your solution is politically and economically unrealistic.
So, one should not naively try to follow a branch and update probabilities along that branch.
After this discussion, the residents acknowledged that they had been reading the article naively.
It was a mistake to abandon an approach that was working and naively replace it with an untested method.
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