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David is naive, but he's not that naive.
But of course to have found fault reveals the naïve temper of criticism in the late seventies.
It is sophisticated and naïve simultaneously, sometimes in the same symbols that they use.
Some evidence suggests that those who are ignorant or naïve are subject to manipulation by a loud, opinionated minority.
It would be naïve to pick up the memoir of a recently retired politician expecting total candor.
But protesting against war may not have seemed so futile or naïve in the nineteen-thirties.
But the way endowments actually work made a naïve fantasy of that simple, heartfelt dream.
Moreover, an apparently naïve query may be a test of how well you can respond to uninformed students.
If there is a failing in this book, it is that the authors sometimes stray toward naïve optimism.
He was completely naïve to the ways to package and sell the product, not to mention finance his early investments.
He didn't create complex derivatives to trick naïve investors.
For sure, it would be naïve to think that a trio of little kids could foil someone intent on doing them harm.
It's simply naive to think that's not going to have an effect on the climate.
As promising and beneficial as a wholesale app store sounds, it would be naive to expect it to arrive anytime soon.
On none of the tests did his recall show significant improvement over the naive methods of study he normally used.
So, a naive empiricist would say that these experiments refute statistical mechanics.
Scientists should run experiments in which they deprive some naive animals of whatever behavior they suspect is actually teaching.
Their immune systems were naive, they didn't know what the disease was, and they didn't know how to treat or prevent it.
You'd have to be incredibly naive to think that politicians don't ignore real crises.
They call deniers simpletons but it is they who have embraced a naive view of the planet.
Some naive intellectuals want to abandon copyright altogether.
But he is now able to charge this naive accent with a new complexity of emotion, a malaise.
Apparently naive questions can often be the start of quite penetrating and profound explorations.
My generation was promised that things were going to get better and many of us were naive enough to bet on it.
Indeed he is bringing to the official occasion a naive earnestness.
And it would be naive to believe that money is not one part of the exchange between physician and patient.
Besides, almost all junior faculty are naive and think they know everything.
However, it is naive here to say that colleges are not businesses.
But he simply doesn't care about accuracy and has an astonishingly naive view of the goodness of human nature.
It's naive to think that these students don't steal our time and energies and their fellow students' time and energies.
The idea is to make efficient suits that are not naive to human flaw.
The funny part is you and your eco-cadre are so naive you can't even tell when you're being played.
Please, you are making yourself sound so ignorant and naive.
Some might call a ban on autonomous robots naive or complain that it would tie the hands of soldiers faced with irregular warfare.
It is naive to think that height, income, number of dates and/or corporate status are the indicators that matter.
Conversely, those that think the world would be a better place without religion are naive.
And by saying it isn't deliberate, they mark themselves as naive.
The scientific community is not governed by such naive flights of religious fancy.
Considering human nature, it would be naive to think otherwise.
In foreign affairs he was sometimes naive and erratic.
But economists were hardly naive believers in market efficiency.
Expecting much more than this, you might say, is hopelessly naive.
He was also naive in insisting that scientific reasoning would trump political thought and religious teaching.
It would be naive to urge or expect either country to become a full-blooded democracy in a trice.
Even if it's naive to tie a time to a place and package them together it's a luxury of a fortunate few.
He needs the right client, someone naive or willing to let go.
The idea that prejudices are mentally binary is extremely naive.
Overcoming naive impressions to figure out how things really work is one of humanity's highest callings.
Of course the naive and unserious pundits will buy it hook, line, and sinker.

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