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It is no longer a mythic symbol, however, but an actual event.
They require mythic motivators to persuade people to abandon the prime functions of their own brains.
If the quality is lower than the mythic past, that is the professor's fault, not the student.
His biblical construction brought a mythic air to the narrative that paradoxically marked legacy and rupture.
The punishment seems drastic even by mythic standards.
Deep mythic structures determine who is likable and who isn't among the famous dead.
LL histories that live in our hearts are peopled by archetypes in mythic narratives.
The bullhead had become mythic somehow, and thinking about it made him feel even more blue.
Grandiose mythic names for small chunks of ice and makes them sound almost magical places.
Scarabs are generally oval-shaped and stout, ranging in size from miniscule to mythic.
The giant squid has always enjoyed a reputation of mythic proportions.
The fate of these families has taken on a mythic quality.
But a less than mythic appearance is balanced by the graceful way in which dugongs navigate their aquatic environment.
For me, the sagas were a means of getting to the root of a place that had already attained mythic status in my imagination.
Blue roses have a mythic quality because they, until recently, were impossible to grow.
His characteristic comment during one academic debate has taken on a mythic life of its own.
His obscurity-to-fame life story made him one of the few genuinely mythic heroes of modern times.
Allan couldn't wait to show the mythic city to his bride.
She was gilded with the mysterious, mythic aura of royalty.
He serves as a transmitting station of mythic patterns and extrasensory truth.
He had to write an essay about a mythic place, and he chose our home, where he lived his entire life until college.
Turner's ability to elude capture for more than two months only enhanced his mythic stature.
Although it was played for sport, the game was also a mythic struggle.

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