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Admissions decision making has traditionally been a slow process, something that has added to the field's mystique.
All this interest in their mystique garners much needed attention for bat conservation.
It's a testament to the mystique of its products and to the ardent loyalty they have inspired over many decades.
Something approaching a mystique, though, soon began to surround the claims of the airmen.
But economists do owe a lot of their mystique to abstract theories the uninitiated do not understand.
Among grains, few are so steeped in tradition and mystique as rice.
As the press speculated about new features, the company's added to the mystique by guarding the new designs with military secrecy.
Now his mystique is dissipated and his promise shattered.
After the handle, think about the blade-the overestimated heart of knife mystique.
Having removed any remaining mystique from music, they could impose arbitrary designs on it, including pure chance.
Fame probably doesn't have the same mystique, having grown up around it.
There was a mystique about him-the money, the power, the legend.
Indeed, the tale that wagged the dig speaks to his enduring mystique.
Over the ages, diamonds acquired a mystique as symbols of wealth and power.
They continue to capture the fascination of many people due to their flight skills, hunting ability, and mystique.
There is a mystique about trout that is rivaled by no other fish.
Perhaps more than any other type of artist, the ballerina possesses a certain inexplicable mystique.
Their metallic sheen, and the legendary difficulty in achieving it, exercised great mystique.
As clouds continually change and dance across the horizon, they invariably create a mesmerizing, ethereal mystique.
Enjoying the mystique of birds at close range brightens your day and enriches your life.
Part of the mystique of steam locomotives is that the moving parts are visible.
Spring water has had a certain mystique in the minds of people from ancient times to the present.
Since the invention of flight, armed conflicts have imbued a small number of military aircraft with a larger-than-life mystique.

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