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Example sentences for mystifying

As a result, the list of prohibited and permitted items is mystifying.
We read about a fascinating, and to many of us mystifying, world.
Consider how mystifying a walk through an art museum can be.
It will strike some as mystifying that a small, peripheral economy should suddenly threaten the world's biggest economic area.
In my home tests, the results were inconsistent and wholly mystifying.
At the time, it served as a sort of crash course about a tiny, mystifying minority.
The findings of the survey, however, were shocking and mystifying.
Again, the relevance of this to the debate is mystifying.
It has also provided suggestive insights into the physiological cause of such mystifying syndromes as synesthesia and autism.
Which is why scientists find the disease so mystifying.
Why nearly half the country can't see this is mystifying.
It is equally mystifying why people who get tattoos do not realize they make themselves more unattractive.
The scenery is pretty, but the geography mystifying.
He expects a viewer to bring a foreknowledge and acceptance without which their behavior is, occasionally, vague and mystifying.
But this is, indeed, as mystifying as some of the symbolism indulged.
Even for the legends of language, writing can be a mystifying if irresistible process.
How mystifying and full of possibility the world seemed.
They will be appearing on stage as well as strolling the grounds performing their mystifying feats of magic.
The graphic interface can be mystifying for visually impaired users.

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