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To call this a book of mystical poetry is perhaps to give the general reader a false impression of it.
Too often leaders treat technology with mystical aversion.
The spectacular marginalia is filled with the winds and mystical figures.
There is something mystical about composing on the spot.
And a lot of people live lives based on mystical ideas.
He may be as cerebral, but he is also less mystical.
The mist coming off the ocean waves in the distance created a mystical feel to the landscape.
It is that wondering that makes this photograph mystical.
But each of these three possibilities has at its root the mystical doctrine of universal computation.
Russians ascribe to melons an almost mystical power to purify the body after the summer's overindulgences.
It has a mystical aura of high fashion, high quality and high price.
If you value the bird more than yourself, you deserve every word of the mystical climate science.
Another is that the dance is derived from some mystical fertility dance.
Finally here's a truly paradoxically mystical fact about the golden ratio.
They even managed to produce a last flowering of their mystical tradition on the eve of the revolution.
The castle was a double rainbow of mystical vividness.
Namely that it is some mystical governance, a law, even one that may eventually be manipulated.
The premise is that the three main superheroes are the mystical core of their universe.
Its priests are chefs with seemingly mystical abilities to summon fresh fish from all corners of the globe.
Pause in the forgotten valleys and villages of this mystical land of artists and visionaries.
She is a perfect embodiment of the right's anti-science, anti-intellectual, mystical world view.
Together, they defeat a mystical skull from some primitive land that spreads evil everywhere it rolls.
Again and again they climbed back into the boat with tales of a mystical experience.
For a while, but it was eventually washed out by some competing more diffuse mystical notions.
There is nothing mystical or otherworldly about it, no levitation, no out-of-body experience.
He exudes a mystical demeanor that must serve him well while working with big architects and their notoriously big egos.
He was a romantic who wrote mystical tone poems about his native land.
On my visit, the vast esplanade leading to the basilica and site of the mystical appearance was quiet.
The mystical world of magic is on display at this fascinating museum of illusion.
The picturesque tree is shrouded in mystical stories.
Snorkelers can delight in bioluminescence at night for a mystical experience.
Rose from their seaweed chamber the choir of the mystical sea-maids.
He was not sufficiently mystical in his teaching for them.
Tribal history is indicated, but in a mythological, mystical manner.
The mystical bond between humans and horses has endured throughout the ages.
Anagrams were once thought to possess mystical powers, the ability to divine hidden secrets.
Jotted impressions are conceived as epiphanies, mystical visions which link the beholder to the object beheld.
Wine has served us by providing experiences from the medicinal to the mystical, and from the caloric to the culinary.
Baseball as a ritual has no deep and mystical meaning.
Society would rot, they think, without the mystical blood-payment.
The answer lies partly in the intricate design of each snowflake and science oh mystical science.
He has a personal, almost mystical relationship with the people he paints.
Tribesmen believed that elephant hair possessed mystical powers.
The bitter satirical riffs slowly give way to a mystical appreciation of the vagrant beauty trapped beneath the surface of life.
Some cultures endow it with a mystical significance.
If that happens, the cause is far more likely to be corruption rather than mystical belief.
He showed how a statistical approach to the problems of medicine could demolish popular but mystical theories of disease.
It becomes a mystical exercise to reach one that they never entertained.
There's a mystical, magical quality that comes with being pampered high in the mountains in the middle of the dark woods.
For him, painting was a mystical act that brought inner spirituality into visible form.
While it relied on scientific theory of perception, it also had a more mystical approach to harmonies of color and line.
Here the painter focuses not so much on the physical anguish of the saint as on his mystical experience.
There is something mystical about the arrival of fall.
He was tripping, staring into the mystical middle distance, breathing deep and easy.
He's a mystical figure in rock circles for, among other things, using hypnosis to help bands reach creative nirvana.

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