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Plane geometry remained a mystery to him.
You've probably heard about mystery shopping and survey taking.
Despite years of research the meaning of the songs remains an utter mystery.
Now I know it signifies a sense of mystery, of the unknown.
Night, the mother of fear and mystery, was coming upon me.
Scheduled to roll are a mystery, a western and two comedies.
Modern transportation does not diminish the mystery or isolation of this ancient stop on the caravan route.
The origin of life is not a mystery.
It's a mystery, all right.
Stonehenge draws a million visitors each year to experience its mystery, beauty, and grandeur.
But how the cruciferous veggies worked their medical magic was a mystery.
How they do so remains a mystery, despite much experimental work on this problem.
How such transformations happen is a mystery that biographical details alone cannot explain.
And the next morning, he is ready with his solution to the mystery.
Each story had an ironic twist, or a solved-mystery, or a dramatic end.
Yet the cause of the paradox has long been a mystery.
But at rates of up to centimeters a day, the mystery events were hundreds of times as fast as that.
But how they manage to fall so slowly has been a bit of a mystery-until now.
The point is to give the observer an emotional experience of transcendent mystery, a feeling of wonder and joy.
Why alpha takes on the precise value it does, so delicately fine-tuned for life, is a deep scientific mystery.
The cause of the change in sentiment is hardly a mystery.
The cause may still have been a mystery, but the search began for cures.
Why this is so is a mystery, for it is clearly not what psychology predicts.
Which wines can manage this pairing, and why, has remained a mystery that even the best-trained sommeliers do not understand.
But what the change means for the rest of the world may well remain a tantalising mystery.
Where these animal spirits come from is something of a mystery.
The chief fear is that the mystery slurry could get into the water supply.
Why alpha takes on the precise value it has, so delicately fine-tuned for life, is a deep scientific mystery.
The mystery is why savers accepted crummy returns over long periods.
Why a cosmic radio background should be there remains a mystery.
It is no mystery why developed countries abandoned fixed rates.
There is little mystery about why the informal economy exists.
Her life is a mystery and so is her work because of its incompleteness.
NY car bomb suspect cooperates, but motive mystery.
The remaining mystery is how the snails manage to survive being eaten.
Exactly what is driving these giant sharks to migrate remains a mystery.
The mystery is part of the reason explorers keep coming back.
Indeed the creatures' habits are mostly a mystery to scientists.
The aura of mystery surrounding the catacombs has fed legends for centuries.
It's not some new unexplained mystery of the universe or the upcoming launch of a space telescope that is unnerving them, though.
But the there's another mystery surrounding the emerging unit.
Over the last few weeks, we've seen a number of high-profile studies come out looking at global climate that refer to a mystery.
Had the mystery object been a brick, it could have damaged the shuttle and put the crew at risk.
The meaning of these and other older engravings depicting geometric patterns remains a mystery.
Even to scientists, the question of where great discoveries come from is a bit of a mystery.
Much of the mystery was of her own making, growing out of her reticent, elusive personality.
The problem lies in the hubris of the designing parents, in their drive to master the mystery of birth.
Horror, mystery and science-fiction books have spread their genetic code to a foreign habitat: the literature section.
The whole scene is so shrouded in bureaucratic mystery that there are no national figures available anywhere.
How modern human beings replaced their predecessors also remains a mystery.
But that doesn't stop them from trying to solve the centuries-old mystery.
Turns out that the specific chemical composition of squid ink really is a mystery.
These are sentences whose destination is a mystery even to the speaker.
The mystery arises because literature invokes aspects of language other than that of communication.
Life and the world still held considerable novelty and mystery for me at that time, even when strongly flavored with routine.
The origin of life is a total mystery, and so is the existence of human consciousness.
The general mystery addressed is whether events have a meaning.
It is a perfectly respectable mystery to address: to uncover meaning is a reason for writing.
Garland suggests that the popularity of the mystery story is part of the culture that keeps capital punishment alive.
He created a real sense of mystery about himself and constantly cloaked his past in new details.
He wanted to illuminate what he felt was the mystery of her contrasting needs.
The art of acting, for all the words expended upon it, remains a mystery to the public.
There's no mystery as to the source of all the trouble: advertising revenue has dried up.
But what, exactly, is unclear-a mystery batter-dipped in an enigma.
The forest canopies of the redwood are largely a mystery and are being logged off rapidly.
Two days after it had opened, with the source of the wobble still a mystery, the bridge was closed for an indefinite period.
They speak of mystery, of beauty, of timeless traditions and cultures.
It helps that his politics, if he has any, are a mystery.
She wants us to be there, to feel the danger, the mystery.
Here was a second mystery: among pirates, the fate of rulers was up to the ruled.
There's no mystery why they won-because they were more effective in making their argument.
Postmodern novelists have suggested that the contemporary world is an enveloping mystery, a dark chain of conspiracies.
Why the arrangement seems to make such a big difference remains a mystery.
Researchers are also hoping that iron arsenides will help unlock the mystery of how high-temperature superconductors work.
Thirteen years later, he's still waiting for the mystery to be solved.
The mystery is why these deep manure pits, standard practice for years, are suddenly foaming over the top.
But why that's the case has been a mystery-until now.
The origin of the moon is a mystery as old as the tides.
The mystery of this kind of heredity was first noticed in corn.
But sometimes, these body parts are so bizarre that their purpose is a mystery.
But what that advantage may be remains something of a mystery.
The first line of evidence for this mystery component comes from measurements of the geometry of the universe.
It's still a mystery as to why the group requires three guitarists and two keyboardists.
Calling a mystery novel a literary one is increasingly being taken as a shot by both camps.
But the new scandal, if second in cost, remains first in mystery.
The magnetism-and mystery-of superconductors years.

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