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We share many of the same feelings for a place mysteriously etched into our minds.
Then, mysteriously, the library vanished into history.
They were issued by automated cameras, usually in places where the posted speed limit mysteriously dropped without warning.
Yet even though many health statistics have been improving over the past few decades, a few illnesses are rising mysteriously.
The fluid mysteriously hardened my skin, turning it a mahogany color for a few days.
Tiny snails can travel through a bird's digestive tract and mysteriously emerge perfectly healthy, a new study says.
If the money and profit is there, the food will mysteriously appear as if from nowhere.
When science invades such realms, science turns to military rather mysteriously.
He forced cuts in bases and procurement on the outraged joint chiefs, only to find some money mysteriously restored again.
They had a fine time over the affair of a ring of hers which seems mysteriously to have disappeared at the ministry.
Earlier this month the party conference was mysteriously postponed for a few weeks.
After six months and numerous battery changes, some of the incline sensors mysteriously failed and had to be replaced.
The appeal of the development was enhanced after the aircraft were mysteriously diverted over other residential areas.
Over the heads of countless mourners, the distant city skyline shimmered and beckoned mysteriously, its sparkle betraying sadness.
All they know is that their wealth mysteriously disappears.
They could promise them now to sweeten the change and then afterwards they could mysteriously vanish.
Storage is also mysteriously absent, as the cube shows no signs of shelving or filing space.
Maybe they'll get switched on in the future, and maybe they'll mysteriously disappear in the next update.
Some of the data turn out to be mysteriously missing.
Distillers wield an impressive array of techniques and secret potions to make their liquors mysteriously deep-flavored.
Nurses remain shadowy figures moving mysteriously in the background.
Mysteriously, the pie might end up on the stone with the toppings somehow jumping ship.
It is a symbol of the mysteriously ambiguous power of words.
Indeed, there were some artifacts in my data-places where the stress line mysteriously drops suddenly and slowly builds back up.
Pages would become mysteriously ripped out of church birth logs.
He died mysteriously while the film was being edited.
Over the next few days, people and electronic items start mysteriously disappearing.
Although the tone of the blurbs is defiantly unapologetic, the names of the abridgers are mysteriously absent.
And yet, mysteriously, he often became madly infatuated with someone he had picked up.
He was right, of course: the flavor was mysteriously different, the same wine but of another year.
Now the same officials were declaring that the logs did exist after all but had mysteriously disappeared.
In reality, they remain mysteriously high at the periphery, so high that stars should be hurled right out of the galaxy.
When the photocopier is finished, you're left with two sets of papers and three copies of the mysteriously mobile sheet.
All the males in the latter group mysteriously disappeared, but no murders were ever directly witnessed.
The difficulties which seemed so formidable have mysteriously vanished.
The major eruptions were believed to be caused by a secondary water source which has mysteriously vanished.
According to the legend, soldiers sent there on guard duty mysteriously disappeared.
One's atoms are mysteriously distanced from one another.
The gliding footprints of a rabbit may mysteriously be replaced by the wing impressions of a successful avian predator.
Speculation is already rife that he is wearing a fake beard, since his gray of a few years ago has mysteriously disappeared.

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you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens (touching skilfully, mysteriously) her first rose... more
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