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Real life medical mysteries are explored in this regular feature.
Some of the great mysteries of science hide in plain sight-and, in this case, roll on two wheels.
Some are an abbreviated introduction to journals databases and the mysteries of inter-library loan.
There are no mysteries here, only colossal failures of logic and memory.
In those solutions are hidden the mysteries and revelations of all things.
There are questions to answer and mysteries to solve.
But there was premeditation and technique behind these distortions, as he tried to put a sense of life's mysteries into paint.
And the mysteries that surround his life will likely never be completely resolved.
Still, there are the pleasures of discovery and mysteries at every turn.
From possible positions to anatomy, mysteries abound.
After a million revolutions of the turntable, fans may trade in mysteries for dull meanings.
They yearn for closure and the end of consciousness to tie off the mysteries of this universe.
But if it is confirmed, it will have implications for one of the deepest mysteries of the universe-why it is made of matter.
And on top of that came the mysteries of performance.
If nothing else, this awful report helps to solve a number of lingering mysteries concerning the crisis.
Over the course of eight weeks, they will encounter multiple scientific mysteries that require real scientific methods to solve.
In order to investigate these mysteries, scientists turn to indirect evidence preserved on and inside the teeth themselves.
Mostly, though, it is an inquiry into the mysteries of other people.
This, the supernal power of opium, is not a fact of ancient mysteries and visionary poets alone.
One of the enduring mysteries of the pyramids centers around how they were constructed.
It might explain one of the current mysteries in the technology industry.
But a spate of new studies is chipping away at its mysteries and scientists say the topic is beginning to gain visibility.
As research expands, scientists expect to unlock more of the mysteries around meditation.
They are constructions of calm perplexity, coolly observed human mysteries.
Yet he insists that language-its secrets, mysteries, and masks-comes before politics.
It's one more avenue of modeling reality, and it happens to cover the sort of three biggest philosophical mysteries.
These novel materials could help unravel one of the biggest mysteries in science-how exactly the high-temperature versions work.
Its glamour also came from the mysteries it contained.
He starts unraveling the mysteries of this weather phenomenon.
Neither has the nature of their apparent link to lightning formation, about which many long-standing mysteries remain.
It made mysteries of the stars, and spies moved across the dunes in darkness.
Then they come to a village where the mysteries can't be so easily explained away.
One of life's great mysteries is why certain experiences get lodged immovably in our memory, while others are forgotten.
They don't have magical powers, they don't solve mysteries, and they don't live in the future.
But one of the great mysteries of modern politics and economics is where exactly that point might be.
What it does do is hold the promise of substantially enriching humanity by providing insight into the mysteries of the universe.
And the mysteries solved often raised even more questions.
One of biology's great mysteries is the blood-brain barrier, which lines blood vessels in the brain.
These mysteries have nonetheless not stopped a free flow of prescriptions.
Lightening and comets used to be mysteries, too, but we've found logical explanations for those.
Her studies probe the mysteries of phase transitions, changes from one state of matter to another.
But as is so often the case when unraveling the mysteries of climate, a solution to one puzzle promptly creates a new one.
One of the major mysteries is why sometimes relatively small earthquakes generate outlandishly large waves.
While it may help clear up some mysteries, it seems to throw others wide open.

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