myself in a sentence

Example sentences for myself

Researchers such as myself have been scrambling to learn the basics of their biology and behavior.
It was well written and echoed the sentiments of many, including myself.
They have invited me down to see their operations and to witness the plant shamanism for myself.
Have not made it myself but a friend of mine is in the process of making a huge batch of her own.
The biggest factor in my happiness is my knowledge of and acceptance of myself.
One thing that helped me get through that training was to try to try to distract myself from my queasiness.
For myself open boats at sea and soft-sprung coaches will do it.

Famous quotes containing the word myself

My life has been one great big joke, A dance that's walked A song that's spoke, I laugh so hard I almost choke When I th... more
O God, protect me from my friends, that they have not power over me. Thou hast giv'n me power to protect myselfmore
The embattled gates to equal rights indeed opened up for modern women, but I sometimes think to myself: "Th... more
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