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It's an instant window into his myopic perception of objects as living things.
They seem to be too small for the tasks at hand, too petty, and too myopic.
Unfortunately there is a certain myopic idealism present in that statement.
These myopic, tyranny-of-the-majority-enacted bans are fear-based.
He first tried the technology on himself to correct his myopic eyesight.
The humanist label was less a cause of chagrin, since he found the cyberpunk ethos myopic, a glorification of bad morals.
Dogma and myopic politics always falls short in explanation.
Their myopic drive to assure quarterly profits stifles innovation.
Our arrogant and myopic disregard for non-human life has got to be the most dangerous element of our character as a species.
Only a willfully myopic lawmaker would try to lead the country down that path.
Perhaps English majors should seek to be a bit less myopic and develop a broader range of interests.
This essay is an astonishingly myopic reading of both history and current events.
If you don't reach outside your peer group, expect that your piece is going to be somewhat myopic.
But having people around you is critical to harnessing the energy required for good work, and it prevents myopic thinking too.
And they tritely brushed these warnings aside because they didn't fit their myopic policies.
To say it's not the model that's wrong but rather the universe is arrogant, myopic and unscientific.
Selling all that to a selfish and myopic public is a different story, however.
What a spectacularly myopic, elitist, patronising and small minded rant.
Looking only at the production cost of energy and ignoring all the others is unacceptably myopic.
It made for a great learning experience for my kids on hypocrisy, ignorance, myopic views and wastefulness.
Please don't be myopic or egocentric be a citizen of this planet.
The fact that you are so enraged by healthcare is representative of a myopic view.
It is a myopic view to believe that all white males have lived a privileged life.
Many of you are quite myopic to the world around you with regard to your particular specialties.
We thereby do an injury to the potential enemy in the myopic present.
Some people actually have the ability to think beyond the end of their own myopic world and what pleasures them.
His views really are sadly myopic and unsophisticated.
Yet you seemingly ignore the whole, with a rather myopic world view.
But at its current extreme, bond-investor fear is myopic.
It also fits a more worrying interpretation: that many of the keenest borrowers were myopic or had problems with self-control.
Even myopic financiers are now scouring the continent for investment opportunities.
So they are forced to make sub-optimal decisions to serve the myopic interests of those who elected them.
We're a myopic bunch, less likely to get up in arms about a policy that doesn't pinch so much at the start.
It is a technical fallacy often committed by myopic economists who don't see such rationale cannot apply to the top spender.
Along with that is these myopic managers of the corporate world under utilising their womenfolk.
Private capital is founded on the principle of immediate return on investment, and is commensurately myopic.
Unfortunately, this view is myopic in missing the reality of the failure of markets.
Westerners may accuse us of being myopic and in denial, but it is our choice.
We see such grim, myopic obsession too often in little league parents.
Nothing about the film's loose narrative is as compelling as its characters themselves, who are an attractive if myopic bunch.

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Society people are often myopic; at the moment when the cease all relations with Jewish ladies of their acq... more
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