myopia in a sentence

Example sentences for myopia

My point is that the cure for myopia is to purposely inject more material from a different perspective into your brain.
Instead, he writes in a black-and-white myopia that comes close to self-parody.
The controversy is a kind of unholy combination of inside-the-Beltway myopia and journalistic solipsism.
The future of this giant is still far fetched while our administrators suffer of myopia.
This article made me really angry at the myopia of the researchers.
This leads to some myopia.
It is important to be aware of the shortness of our lives and thus natural tendency for historical myopia.
Politics provides legislators strong incentives to myopia; it is an advantage to see no further than next election.
This is just cultural myopia.
Some of the media prefers to play to the domestic myopia of their viewers.
So this apparent piece of myopia might be quite rational after all.
It is pseudoscience, and is capable of as much myopia and obscurity as music theory.
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