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Example sentences for muzzle

The editors allege that the administration is trying to muzzle the sophomoric and often vulgar publication.
Labour thought it wiser to muzzle their official spokesmen.
Some people say to put your hand over the top of the dog's muzzle and pinch the lips against the teeth til they release.
Hold the dogs muzzle closed with one hand, and hold the dogs neck with the other.
Expect calls to muzzle the press, as the public feels the ground shifting again.
Their muzzle is white, and they don an erect and dark mane that lines their large head and neck.
They have a long muzzle and sharp fangs designed to inflict deadly injury.
Let's talk about why that is so rather than muzzle those who dare to broach reality.
Figuring out the muzzle shape of each sloth was a multi-step process.
During a blizzard the bear will cover his muzzle with his paws and let the snow drift around him.
We are slowly introducing them to each other through the use of a muzzle and short visits to her house.
Maybe then they would quietly reflect on others' thoughts before jumping to the battlements with muzzle loader in hand.
We also put on his muzzle which makes him submissive.
We need to muzzle the left's vitriolic statements that drive insane people to violent ends.
The other method of holding the muzzle closed never worked for me.
Then the muzzle travelled down and pressed against his heart.
He would be more effective if he chased them around with a muzzle.
Loopholes and fuzzy laws let him muzzle the press and stifle dissent, much as happens in the meaner-looking countries next door.
Many regimes in the world prefer to hide mistakes, make excuses, muzzle critics and punish dissenters.
Named for a distinctive ring of fungal growth around the muzzle, the disease also infests ears and wings.
It's the kind of muzzle that is fabric and allows the dog to breath through its mouth.
Rifles, shotguns and muzzle-loaders are all legal for hunting during firearms seasons.
He's got a little snow on his muzzle from playing in the winter weather.
The other was bitten in the jaw, and blood soaked its muzzle.
The dog's muzzle looked as if it had been badly lathered with shaving cream that had been left to dry.
Threats by the president to muzzle his staff and legislators for leaking information to the press.
If you muzzle my overly friendly pit mix every one will needlessly fear her and stay away from her.
Finally, it's a good idea not to store your muzzleloader muzzle-up, particularly if you've used petroleum-based gun oil.
They can relate do's and don'ts about muzzle-loaders.
Clinical signs include photophobia and discomfort seen as scratching and rubbing the ears, eyelids and muzzle.
Hunting activities continue today and include seasons for archery, muzzle loading and general gun.
As the muzzle comes up, out and clears the top of the holster the strong elbow drops orienting the muzzle toward the threat.

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