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Example sentences for mutton

Well, they certainly aren't chewing many leftover mutton bones anymore.
Nothing else but this food, except an occasional change to broiled mutton.
Instead, you may be offered imitation bear's paw made from mutton pushed into a paw-shaped mould.
The next morning they returned for a breakfast of mutton and ham.
There he sat, munching his mutton and rice, an outcast from his countrymen.
There is food: bubbling mutton kebabs seared over red-hot braziers.
There was no order to cookbooks: a cake recipe might be followed by a mutton one.
We all know that these are now as dead as mutton, and as distasteful as stale mutton.
In a bare and icy room the officers' wives served us tea mixed with salt, mutton fat, and camel's milk.

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