muttering in a sentence

Example sentences for muttering

Bud is still muttering under his breath as you check him for injuries.
He took off his hat, placed his hand upon his heart, and hurried towards her muttering and gesticulating feverishly.
By that point, the chair was already muttering about not renewing his contract, long before any tenure decision.
After his release, the student seemed to be in shock, muttering that his life had been ruined.
He was found muttering incoherently in a gutter there, and admitted to the hospital where he died.
Despite some mutinous muttering, he seems unlikely to face a leadership challenge before then.
The big growers are even muttering about expanding the limits of the champagne region.
As the space ship zooms off in a fiery arc, he is heard muttering about the possibility of a return of the grotesque visitors.
Keep looking at your watch, and muttering something about another appointment.
He turned abruptly and stalked out of the visitor center, muttering to himself.

Famous quotes containing the word muttering

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