mutter in a sentence

Example sentences for mutter

Later you will mutter many words into your pillow, but those words will never come back to haunt you.
All of them were dumbfounded and couldn't mutter much of a response.
So much for green technology creating employment, mutter carmakers.
The chime of a high-priority email cut across the mutter of the television.
UN officials mutter about packing their bags and leaving, perhaps taking their peacekeepers with them, if these talks fail.
They mutter that these were beauty contests and non-binding votes where no delegates were awarded.

Famous quotes containing the word mutter

Everytime I say "sure" when I mean "no," everytime I smile brightly when I'm exploding with rage, every time I imagine m... more
Refuses To refuse the racket, to mutter No to the net.... more
Blond lady, do you love us, love us, love us? As I love America, you might mutter, before you fall asleep.... more
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