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The galleries are undeniably simple, with tranquil, muted sage walls and almost no text to be found.
Stock up on sturdy ceramic dishware and quality table linens in muted colors that can be dressed up for any occasion.
The enthusiasm was more muted, however, among prospective students.
These emotional responses are typically muted compared with the real thing.
As she drives out of the hollow, clumps of fog wreathe the ridgeline, and the mountainsides are washed in muted greens and grays.
But the critiques to this point have been fairly muted and it is unclear whether it will become a major controversy.
Your ability to appreciate pleasures would be muted if you are constantly worried about how to pay your bills.
In relevant stories, heroism is muted, though may be implied.
On follow-up she reported that these muted the discomfort a bit, but she still suffered from itch.
Space looks too light purple and it all seems a little muted in colour.
The third and fourth calls were muted, seeming to come from deep in the rain forest as the animal moved away.
We reach the rows of kale, green in a world of white and muted browns.
The typical brain scan shows a muted gray rendering of the brain, easily distinguished by a series of convoluted folds.
It's a feeling of clarified emptiness, of deep, muted joy.
The outcry over this epidemic, until recently, has been muted.
In a crowd of muted tones, the pink purse screams at the viewer and creates curious questions.
The roar of the engines will be muted to a murmur by sound insulation in the fuselage.
As the plane dropped lower and lower, the muted colors turned brighter.
Genes muted by methylation, for example, sometimes can be switched back on again relatively easily.
And always, from somewhere below, comes the muted rush of a cold river spiriting away last night's rain.
Others contain more muted, oblique sentiments of frustration.
But the impact of a short shutdown would likely be muted.
Objectively, all these people agreed far more than they differed, but their mutual suspicions further muted dissenting views.
The seminary walls muted the din of traffic outside to no more than a dull hum.
But he muted his criticisms, hoping that silence would starve the strangeness.
Everybody else looked comparatively mousy in muted blues and grays, as is customary.
The sounds of celebration, however, have been decidedly muted.
In typically muted, well-bred fashion, nothing dramatic or violent ever happened.
He built up their palette from a few earthy tones: brown, ocher, muted green.
Only certain tonalities would be muted, or tuned out entirely, if possible.
The colors of the landscape are the muted grays of the tombstones in the vast cemetery below.
The story is a muted melodrama made strange and haunting by the manner of its telling.
Talk of double-dip recessions had been muted in the months before the crash.
So far the markets have shown only muted signs of disquiet.
Outright criticism of the shift was muted, even among bureaucrats opposed to the new approach.
In striking contrast to the east, scenes of elation were muted.
Instead, the speech was a sombre affair, and the popular reaction muted.
There are two main reasons for the muted response of unemployment to so severe a downturn.
Thus, even at low unemployment rates, wage pressure might be muted.
The effect was muted at first, because demographic change is slow.
The decree aroused only muted controversy, yet it called into question the point of holding a referendum in the first place.
Calls by the rebel council for foreigners to come to the rescue, muted a week ago, sound increasingly desperate.
With a few exceptions, public reaction to abolition has been muted and pressure to restore capital punishment weak.
Perhaps because it never occurred to opponents of the measure that it would ever get so far, the response was initially muted.
Over time such gripes are likely to become louder, while complaints about illegal immigration will probably become more muted.
As long as economic growth remains steady, complaints about legal immigrants are likely to remain muted.
The markets' reaction to today's development has been muted.
As long as jobs are plentiful and wages rising, the effect of weaker house prices will be muted.
Always in style during the summer, with oranges and blues popular this summer, along with more muted greens.
All of these words will be muted in subsequent airings.
All subscribe to a corporate theme of dark red decor, small bistro-style tables and muted lighting.
The former muted dark colors were changed to bright white and green colors.
The sound can be muted during bench conferences and listening enhancement devices can be activated for the hearing impaired.
They should wear dusty, muted shades with blue or rose undertones.
Bright colors tend to appear muted in light-saturated roadways.
Toasts were drunk from paper cups, but the celebration was a muted one.
Business pricing power and increases in core consumer prices remain muted.
Example of single-beam bathymetric data coverage, displayed on a muted navigational chart.
No one will pay you to catch the tears of those with muted voice.
Our triumph last week was muted because it was also a test--a test of our understanding of terrorism.
Thus a critic's enthusiasm has the muted impact of one hand clapping.

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