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Melding humans and machines to help the paralyzed walk, the mute speak, and the near-dead return to life.
Gigot is mute but not meek: he stands up to bullies and neighborhood gangs.
Most of the world's robots are faceless, footless and mute.
Manage multiple accounts, view photos in landscape mode, and mute users for specified periods.
Third, you can mute the audio by tapping the little microphone icon.
And since it apparently is set to expire end of year with no legislative action, this is a mute point now anyway.
The watch also lets you mute or reject the call without having to access your phone directly.
As a damning pile of information has come to light, the government has gone mute.
People who have been inside say that the limo is eerily serene, as if the outside world were on mute.
We need to mute this factor in the interest of finding solutions.
All these people from across the globe convey something incredibly evocative while remaining completely mute.
Touch the aging spines, peer at the insistent, mute words sprawled across every page.
Indians have been mute witnesses to a rising crescendo of corruption.
And before long, they'd evolved to mute their signals, thus concealing their location.
And you have to mute the commercials for fifteen minutes, to hear five minutes of news.
The only light in the room is the flicker from the wall-mounted television, thankfully on mute.
There's an inline volume control and mute switch that allows you to quickly control those functions.
On the value of her life, on the possibility of saving it, science faded into a mute bystander.
As real evidence went mute, the public imagination worked on two possible narratives.
Divorced from any real human experience of the place, the images became mute.
Now autism of course, in its extreme, results in lack of verbal ability and mute-ness.
Their power lives in their authenticity and their mute, unchanging simplicity.
Even the lake about to freeze appears mute with indecision and lost in thought.
Cage's mute manifesto has inspired reams of commentary.
The illness that annihilated her sight and hearing, and left her mute, has never been diagnosed.
His works are as much mute essays in aesthetic philosophy as objects of pleasure.
If electricity was the language of thought, then these cells were mute.
The skeletons stood there as mute models of reality.
His umbilicus, that mute evidence of his ancestry, seems set directly upon the vertebral column.
Clearly, calling people names shows your prejudice, making all further comment biasedly mute.
The suggestion that the anthropological debate is mute without a potential solution misses the point.
The deeds themselves, though mute, spoke loud the doer.
Which hath been mute, and still must sleep profound.
And her eyes on all my motions with a mute observance hung.
He put the question in every language that he knew, but she remained as mute as a fish.
One gazed mute before this ocean of darkest ignorance that had already engulfed society.
Even aged and nearly mute, pop's great bombshell could hold an audience spellbound.
There's another swan that can be confused with the trumpeter and that is the mute swan.
Mute swans have been kept in some ponds for generations, in an attempt to drive away geese and other unwanted birds.
Why would a pair of mute swans swim in circles, first one way then reverse the direction then in opposite directions.
Mute swans can be hostile toward humans, sometimes causing injury, especially during the nesting season.
Lang was a deaf-mute who communicated solely by gestures and rough drawings.
The fact that we've had a financial crisis at the same time as the country is in a growing phase will mute the impact overall.

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