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The good news: They've identified the genetic mutation that makes that possible.
That's why there's so much worry about fallout: radiation increases the mutation rate— mistakes pile up.
And the source of variation is mutation.
Every family member with the mutation had great difficulty speaking.
Still other research is concerned with the unpredictable mutations that sometimes occur in viruses.
The human race is undergoing a massive cultural mutation.
As stated the other animals evolved in their own direction according to random mutation and natural selection.
Consider the case of a patient who is carrying a disease mutation.
If it's truly beneficial, the mutation stays and gets bred in to the species.
One may derive from, say, an environmental exposure and the other from an inherited gene mutation.
More clues are coming from lab mice that have a genetic mutation that allows them to partially regrow severed digits.
Also a mutation could only result in a variation of a trait that is already there.
Over time mutation spawns new diseases: avian influenza becomes human influenza, bovine rinderpest becomes measles.
Alfalfa was a useful rotation in keeping that evolutionary mutation at bay.
Somewhere among the genetic disparities must lie the mutation or, more probably, mutations that define us.
The syndrome is caused by a recessive genetic mutation.
In that case, the otherwise disadvantageous mutation then becomes the basis of an evolutionary change.
But those studies failed to identify the mutation responsible for his case.
With certain diseases, patients are likely to have mutated versions of the same gene but unlikely to have the same mutation.
The researchers made another genetic mutation that interfered with the breakdown of the amino acid tyrosine.
But a mutation in the mismatch-repair genes themselves can cause that check-and-balance system to go awry.
Another is to identify ways to interfere with the mechanisms that spur mutation or regulate gene expression.
What is more, if there were a pandemic it would be only a matter of time before a drug-resistant mutation of the virus emerged.
As more genomes are unravelled, the creeping process of mutation-by-mutation change within the genes can be seen in detail.
Where they differ is on the likelihood of identifying one key mutation that underlies a given cancer.
They tested this by looking for the as-yet unknown genetic mutation involved in what is called the leopard complex.
Researchers now recognise that cancer has an epigenetic component that may contribute as much as normal genetic mutation does.
The mutation itself is in a gene for a nerve-cell protein of a type known as an ion channel.
They agree that gene mutation and natural selection occur within species, though not necessarily between species.
Of those, the precise mode of inheritance is known of about half, and is usually a single gene mutation.
It is the product of random mutation followed by selective breeding-as, indeed, are all domesticated creatures.
The more one inhales smoke, the more one increases their risk of cell mutation and cancer.
To be born white, a bear must inherit the mutation from both parents.
Early farmers selected out wheat that, due to a random genetic mutation, didn't shatter and was thus ideal for harvesting.
Read about how mutation affects genes and how scientists clone plants and animals.
The technique allows scientists to target individual genes with extreme precision to produce a particular genetic mutation.
Tell students the symbol represents a mutation, or genetic marker.
Damage to either type of gene can cause a mutation that results in uncontrolled division of cells.
Her illness was closely linked to a genetic mutation.
But there's no way to predict which mutation will be the next to succeed.
The long-gone ancestor is known as the founder of this population, and his or her genetic legacy is called a founder mutation.
And until now, scientists have not been able to closely track the transmission and mutation patterns of single strains.
Some genes that contribute to diseases can be traced back to what's known as a founder mutation.
In a point mutation, a single letter of the genetic code changes to another letter.
So some biologists theorized that the fish evolved from a single, sudden mutation.
But in dogs, a mutation in any similar protein has not been found.
Therefore, a mutation that leads to anti-social behavior would still not be advantageous to human evolution.
Whatever this compensatory mutation was, it needed to be paired with the initial resistance gene.
Or these mutations consist of losses, rather than gains, through mutation.
Somehow a mutation had arisen, wiping out their rods and cones.
Any mutation that offered even a little protection against those pathogens had a chance to be favored by natural selection.
On rare occasion, a mutation can change their order.
The family's problem was caused by a different mutation.
But not everyone with the mutation develops high blood pressure, and people without the mutation may also be susceptible.
As this mutation spreads throughout the population, it drags nearby sequences along with it as genetic hitchhikers.
Of course, nobody is saying they evolved all at once by random mutation.
So cystic fibrosis is due to a mutation at one gene, and the disease expresses recessively at that locus.
People are scattered throughout the globe, so a beneficial mutation would have a long way to spread.
Antivirus software helps, but it can't keep up with the speed of malware mutation.
Peak shift represents a much more active, dynamic evolutionary mechanism than random genetic mutation.
For example, such modeling shows, that a single mutation could render the vaccine ineffective.
Estimating gene flow and mutation rates is a tricky thing, the authors acknowledge.
Radiation exposure is a potential cancer promoter since it can trigger mutation in healthy cells.

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