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It's not unusual for plants to produce mutant fruit that lacks seeds, but these fruits are usually the end of their line.
The game features a pair of mercenaries betrayed by their group leader and banished to a mutant-riddled planet.
By the time a gargantuan mutant rat starts attacking people, it may already be too late for them to stop it.
Futurama's crew includes an alien, a mutant, and a robot.
All it takes is a few mutant microbes to cause trouble.
To get the effects of the disease, you need to have two mutant copies of the gene.
When they introduced all of their compounds into these mutant bacteria, they found that some cells indeed survived.
It took five years for them to create a mutant plant that had lost its ability to sense temperature correctly.
Then nature produces a mutant that can overcome this resistance.
Regarding the last sentence suggesting the making of a mutant, it can be a sweet dream and nightmare to become one.
Mutant hitchhikers may become a major hurdle in the quest to send humans deeper into the galaxy, scientists say.
The result ought to be a mutant mulch but is almost always a louche and canny delight.
In that sense ours was more of a bodega-a mutant all in all.
One of the great revolutions in modern science rests on the elongated backside of a grotesque, mutant worm.
Now we're looking at mutant flies that sleep only two to three hours a night.
It had raced up his jaw and curved beneath the floor of his mouth, giving him the look of a mutant chipmunk.
She then argues that the transplants will, get this, cause a mutant virus leading to a global pandemic obliterating humanity.
The increase in frequency of the mutant gene though is balanced by the fact that mutant homozygotes have decreased fitness.
In the other end, she placed a bag full of mutant bacteria, which she had engineered to lose their light.
But some mutant tried to replicate itself inside a proto-mitochondrion and failed.
There is no grosser corruption of biotechnology than creating a human mutant and disemboweling it at our pleasure for spare parts.

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