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Foreigners' residency permits require information about the shape of one's nose and the style of one's mustache.
You've got your spats on, your mustache is all waxed and ready.
His brown eyes and the large wart over his mustache seemed to have shrunk.
Unless, perhaps, you have allergies and your mustache is trapping pollen.
She has a mustache and several moles on her upper lip.
Brash and blunt with a cleft chin and a bushy mustache, he projects a gruff, old-fashioned avuncularity.
From his portrait, he had a high forehead and a curiously dashing little mustache.
He grew a mustache and developed thick skin from the reaction to it.
Foote had long strawberry-blond hair, which he combed straight back, and a bushy blond mustache.
The bartender, a sallow giant with a mustache, plays chess between serving espressos and sugar-sweetened snacks.
Peregrine is much larger with a much bolder mustache mark and not so strongly checkered underwings.
The missing insets for the mustache, eyes, and eyebrows were probably made of precious metals such as gold or silver.
Do not wear a tight-fitting respirator with a beard or mustache that prevents a good seal between the respirator and the face.

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