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Instructor must have ability to teach in the university's general education program.
But now it has almost caught up with the developed world it must change its approach.
Some also suggest that to be invasive, a species must have negative effects on native wildlife.
And the wide-open landscape looks much as it must have in the state's early ranching days.
Ennui is a cognitive gift, but it must be properly unlocked.
Candidates must be innovative and creative, and must possess superb communications skills and a collegial leadership style.
Protesters around the world demand that something must be done.
For decomposition to take place, microorganisms must be present to break down the materials.
The whole system must before long undergo a radical change.
If you must gild the lily, choose from the brief list of toppings.
Accommodating a student with a wheelchair is a must.
They must pack in what they need and carry out their refuse.
The human brain must constantly screen incoming stimuli for relevance.
We must figure this one out--there is no room for failure.
Writers must submit a query letter to the editor in advance.
If it's back to school, it must be time for the publication of college rankings.
Scientists must ask corporations for permission before publishing independent research on genetically modified crops.
And you must be a resident and a utility customer to get rebates.
Before you can write a dissertation, you must write a dissertation proposal.
But those mechanisms can't account for the amount of nutrients that must surface.
Although there is an elevator to the entrance, once you are in the homes you must use stairs to visit each level.
Must be a team-player and be able to function effectively in a team work-centered office.
But, humanity must confront all these issues which can no longer be ignore because globally the effects will spread.
Presidential candidates must address unneeded medical technology and procedures as part of health care reform.
We must remember to slip them into our pockets and purses before leaving the house.
And some shade-loving plants must have sun protection and high humidity throughout the growing season.
In order for one species to diverge into two, a population must be divided into groups that cannot interbreed.
The cost of building construction, however, must come from private sources.
With resistance to antibiotics growing at an alarming pace among pathogenic bacteria, humans must become more aggressive.
These wafers must be flat varying no more than one-hundredth of the thickness of a human hair.
First, they must somehow deliver their genetic payload into enough cells to do some good.
Stuck in one place, plants must endure a host of pests and problems.
So to build new copies of themselves, or replicate, they must co-opt machinery within the cells they infect.
Annual eye exams, which can catch problems early, are a must for people with diabetes.
To do their magic in the cell, proteins must fold into rigid shapes-or so standard wisdom says.
Finally, the entrepreneurs must surmount evolving governmental regulatory hurdles.
Must be an experienced artist who will teach courses in all levels of contemporary dance technique and choreography.
We have entered a new realm, and if the definition of knowledge has changed, then so must the definition of cheating.
The next president must commit to fixing our infrastructure.
The thinner redstarts leaving later must head farther north to find enough food.
Applicants must submit email addresses of each confidential letter writer upon application.
Before being eaten they must be allowed to ripen further to lose their puckery astringency and become as soft and sweet as jelly.
For the coupon to become valid, a certain number of users must agree to buy it.
Entrance is free, but groups of more than six people must book in advance.
After that, they must submit to an annual audit of their compliance.
To be deemed patent-worthy, an invention must meet two criteria.
Labour rates must be at financially feasible levels.
When a wound is healing, cell division must be sped up.
Systemic fungicides must never be used on food crops.
Lastly, the region's physical infrastructure must have the capacity to withstand heavy manufacturing.
To do this, you must have data, and this is where the expedition comes in.
Outdoor chefs need a place to put their tools, and bartenders must have a bar.
Complete films, not trailers or edited segments, must be submitted so that the product can be judged as a whole.
As with any remodel, a garage conversion requires a building permit and must meet local codes.
No longer must people go to a cinema or a video shop if they want to see a popular film.
Reinforcing consists of galvanized-steel stucco lath, so you must use aggregate small enough to fit through the openings.
If people are to use water with more care, they must know how much they draw and what it costs.
Yet, to get to know and truly appreciate any species one must start with its taxonomical designation.
Choosing pieces that can serve multiple functions is a must.
Ground covers that must compete with trees or shrubs often benefit from added fertilizer as well.
For best results, the pan must be flat on the bottom and the batter swirled to the edge.
But although everyone agrees that punch cards must go, so far no one can agree on standards for the systems to replace them.
Because it is highly unlikely that the stars in a cluster got together by accident, they must have been born at the same time.
Many technical obstacles must be overcome and unanswered questions resolved before stem cells can safely fulfill their promise.
It would have to be a incredible sensitivity to estrogen, which must be present in vanishingly small concentrations.
But physicists must first learn to physically manipulate atoms in this world before they can put them to work.
Print subscribers must first activate online access.
Inflatable backpacks are the new must-have snow safety device for backcountry skiers and snowboarders.
To survive, they must compete for the same resources using every physical and psychological weapon in their arsenals.
To make a difference now, they must be politically feasible.
It is clearly unaffordable for the cash-strapped government that must one day take charge of it.
But it must be balanced with realistic expectations and humility.
Most of the blame for that must go to the candidate.
The first thing a writer must learn is, that he is not to reject them unless he can show good cause.
Whether to announce an engagement that must be of long duration is not a matter of etiquette but of personal preference.
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
He must be a clever host that would take the devil into his hostelry.
One must catch the bear before he draws a ring through his nose.
Sensuous power must then be annihilated before the law which must govern it can be established.
He that by the plough would thrive, himself must either hold or drive.
The world is a lottery wherein one must expect to meet with many unlucky chances.
Its peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty.
Nothing so delays the service of a dinner as dishes that must immediately be followed by necessary accessories.
The rest must all be sent abroad and exchanged for consumable goods of some kind or other.
Must trust their oars, methinks not few, against the ebbing tide.
Yet some limitation there must be to this freedom, some resistance of the medium.
After someone swallows a medicine, the chemical must traverse a veritable maze.
Most cancers must develop a blood supply to continue growth beyond a few millimeters in size.
Eventually, if the volume of troublesome information becomes unsustainable, the orthodoxy must collapse.
If both groups of rocks had been carried by icebergs, the icebergs must have been remarkably similar.
And public health officials and drug companies must meet the challenge of mounting a clear and forceful information campaign.
The composition of meteorites reflects what must have happened on their parent bodies.
Clinical psychology trainees must study evidence-based practices.
They must also complete many hours of fieldwork under supervision.
We must be prepared to anticipate and quickly respond to present and future threats.
But perhaps even more important, the power grid must be made smarter.
Until this process is used, however, ground meat must be thoroughly cooked to be absolutely safe.
Winner and travel companion must travel on same itinerary.
When faced with hardpan, many gardeners despair, believing they must remove the entire hardpan.
If it is to perform well the next year, those nutrients must be replenished.
Again, he must act against his nature and learn patience before inserting damp garments into the cylinder.
Our sense of hearing, however, must rank a close second as a time machine.
The site has become one of the must-see sites for paleontologists and dinosaur fans.
There must have been some other way that the eggs could have been kept safe and warm enough to develop properly.
And how liberated they must have been as they pedaled their wheels toward new horizons.
The latter pickles are created using a vinegar solution and must, as the name suggests, be stored in the refrigerator.
These must stand for half an hour without being moved, and then the junket will be stiff, and the cups can be put in the ice-box.
The work must be considered an integral part of a degree program.
The candidate must have a broad skill set that includes molecular biology, protein biochemistry, peptide chemistry and biophysics.
The students must pay standard fees for the rest of the degree program.
All minimum qualifications must be met by effective date of hire.
The committee's leader must be able to invest sufficient time in the search.
For your letter to be considered, you must include your phone number and postal address.
Educators must teach their students to be effective citizens of the digital world.
For the current global capitalist system to survive, it must satisfy the needs and aspirations of its participants.
But for a general election, a candidate must be more than a political cheerleader for a particular ideology.
When judging a new place, a traveler must first always reckon with his or her point of departure.
In each case, people must grasp a deep equivalence between the abstract idea and the concrete experience.
Authors must report all experimental conditions, including failed manipulations.
The object that came in must have weighed several tons, so there should be plenty of meteorites to be found.
The scope's main mirror must hold its shape even down to temperatures near absolute zero.
If her momentum remains the same but she reduces her inertia by pulling in her leg, she must spin faster--that's physics.
To operate normally, proteins must stay in solution, bonded to water molecules.
If her momentum remains the same but she reduces her inertia by pulling in her leg, she must spin faster.
One of the conditions was that antimatter and matter must differ in some fundamental way.
Tobacco plants are good subjects because they must be especially agile with their defenses if they are to survive.
Because plants don't have that option, they must somehow hitchhike.
And that leads to the inference that some of these tumors must go away.
Something genetic appears to be at work, but there must be more to the picture.
Successful gamers must focus, have patience, and prioritize.
But if the statement is false, then the statement must be true.
Life is chemical interaction, and for that interaction to occur, life's molecules must be close to one another.
The edges in each shape must all connect to form a single figure.
We journalists must be puzzling creatures to the rest of the world.
For one, you must acquire an ability to recognize when you've succeeded and when you've failed for patients.
Emerging from the process is an art work in code, which other musicians must be persuaded to unravel.
There are deep-seated structural issues that must be dealt with by legislation.
Philosophers have also said that anything that you prove in pure mathematics must be true.
Translation is an act that must go through the critical process and beyond it, since it must reach decision.
Firstly, it must be a well-made verbal object that does honor to the language in which it is written.
Above all, he must remember that diplomats are government officials, not philosophers or philanthropists.
It must enable the government efficiently to try those prisoners it can show guilty of war crimes.
Something's got to give-one voice must be sacrificed for the other.
Though he was part of everyone's past, he somehow understood that he must always remain in the present.
As automakers put more communication technology into cars, regulators must decide if it's safe.
No matter how you're going to prepare them, sweetbreads must first be soaked in cold water and then poached to firm them up.
Most veggie burgers must have self-esteem issues, since they're always pretending to be something they're not.
The producers must adhere to humane-treatment standards that are stronger than those in the cattle-industry guidelines.
The butter should be creamed until it is soft enough to spread, but it must not be softened by heat.
For a retailer to make the grade, they must have maintained their integrity and hewed closely to their original vision.
They must be hot through and through before serving.
All other cheeses of similar appearance and flavor must find names for themselves.
Of course preparation for a big match must begin well before game day.
Shallot plants must be weeded and cultivated, of course, all during the season.
The cranberries must never be stirred from the time they are placed on the fire.
The sun is lower in the sky each day, and all good things must come to an end.
The dish at the top of our must-eat list, though, is broiled flounder.
It must have come from one of those grand old homes with a big scullery kitchen and servants.
As the first edible-and abundant-vegetable of spring, ramps must have been easy to overdo.

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