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Propane tanks are placed here and there amid the musky scent of unpaved streets and alleys.
Others say it's slightly sweet and peppery, musky, or has a flowery scent.
The musky, and a bit sour, smell of a library for example.
These musky springtime cousins of leeks and garlic have a short season, and are thought to grow only in the wild.
Charter service is available for musky and walleye fishing expeditions.
Sadly, there wasn't enough of the musky fungus in the crisp, deep-fried wrap to satisfy us.
The honey-colored vinegar is nutty and spicy, with a hint of musky richness.
There are smells, too: the funky, musky aromas of athletic exertion.
Additional walleye, musky and trout to be stocked in state waters.
Fall musky anglers reminded of bait restrictions when fishing with suckers.
While anglers use a variety of methods to catch musky, two proven techniques are trolling and casting in the shallow weedy bays.
Survey sheds light on musky anglers' catch and habits.
Large musky and/or tiger musky have been captured in this portion of the river for years, but no juveniles have been captured.
More world record musky have been landed here than anywhere else.
Musky streams are expected to be fishable this weekend.
The muskellunge or musky can be caught on a variety of crank and spinner-baits.

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