musketry in a sentence

Example sentences for musketry

The rattle of the musketry fire and frequently the wounded coming back indicated quite a fierce struggle.
From the ranks the dire peal of the musketry breaks.
Barlow pushed forward with great vigor, under a heavy fire of both artillery and musketry, through thickets and swamps.
But the sound of his artillery and musketry was heard incessantly.
Until between ten and eleven o'clock at night, the woods upon the right, resounded with the discharges of musketry.
On the evening of the full moon volleys of musketry were fired and the elephants charged furiously to put the devils to flight.
The salient was more than a mile away, but soon the distant roar of cheers and the rattle of musketry drifted back.
Heavy musketry has opened now on our right again and cannonading on our left is slackening.
Crossing the ditch was nearly impossible, especially under withering defensive fire from musketry and canister.
The soldiers will demonstrate artillery and musketry and will engage in battles and skirmishes.
There will be demonstrations throughout the day in artillery and musketry.
As the two howitzers opened fire the entire stream bottom erupted with heavy volleys of musketry.
Here the skirmishers commenced firing, and soon the advance lines opened with terrific volleys of musketry.
The roar of artillery and musketry was almost deafening throughout the day.
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