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His music has a magical feel to it and he's such a fantastic musician.
He had been a musician at one time and a teacher of music at another.
For the musician there has been a phenomenal advance beyond the rigid rhythmic and harmonic limitations of the older music.
For a musician who travels a lot, this has been a handicap.
To expect her to also master literature is little different from expecting her to be a great sculptor or musician.
Tango dancers take their steps, accompanied by a musician with a concertina.
She is also a student of life, exuberant nerd, and musician.
Or catch a street musician on your way to check out the whitewater action from a pedestrian bridge.
He was a career changer, btw, and had been a professional jazz musician before turning to econ.
Sure, if you're a musician you can choose to play the confusing media valuation game with distributors.
The brilliant court composer and musician is not here to witness this evening's festivities.
But there's another way that apps can be useful to a musician.
The blues and rock musician shares stories of his wild past and his concerns for the future.
As any musician will quickly guess, this wasn't an easy study to set up.
During this period she realized that she did not want to become a professional musician.
She insisted that was, at best, a lateral move for an up and coming musician.
Spring is drawing nigh, and all the musician types are preparing to emerge from their dens of iniquity with new releases.
The author of this video missed the mark by interviewing only a string band musician.
She was not only a superb musician but also a stunning looker.
One could almost see the beats flowing from one musician to another, appearing to be caught mid-air.
Endangered instruments tug one musician's heartstrings.
They thought they were going to be an artist, a musician, or whatever.
Someone who goes from struggling musician to global rock-star, or waiter to movie star.
Even the kicking legs seem to brush past the plant stems in the style of a musician plucking a guitar string.
Its strains ideally capture the mournful tale of a talented musician who lost his way.
He wasn't a rock musician or a movie star, and he famously hated appearing on television.
He wants to be a musician because his father is a musician.
Waits' inclusion on the list shows that a musician doesn't have to fill stadiums to influence rock and roll.
He had been there a time or two before she took up with the country musician.
This, of course, suggests that not every celebrated musician is ready-or able-to quit their day job.
As a gifted musician, he moved into a world of performers and connoisseurs.
So doth the musician in times tell you which by nature agree, which not.
The painter works with color, the sculptor with form, the musician with tone.
Yes, as a soldier takes care of his rifle or a musician of his violin.
The early history shows it, as the musician plays the air which he proceeds to conceal in a tempest of variations.
For she is a professional musician who is able, literally, to taste what she hears.
We also wanted to have options in terms of inviting our musician friends from around town to come play.
Each musician has tried to explain what they feel for them.
No, she should not become a professional musician, however magical her playing.
He's been a musician since he could pretty much walk.
Probably the sweetest thing about the banker's banker is his past as a jazz musician.
For another musician, this insular quality might represent a lack of curiosity and range.
Few performers take the idea of being a global musician so literally.
In the past five years, she has sold more than twenty million albums-more than any other musician.
She may sound immediate and charming, in part, because she has no grand stake in being a musician.
But ask a musician what he or she first hear in a song and the answer is never the words.

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