musical chairs in a sentence

Example sentences for musical chairs

Tell them that they will be playing a game similar to musical chairs.
As in a game of musical chairs, polluters must scramble to match allowances to emissions.
But rotation, as it came in full flower under the seeming promise of a quick truce, was a glorified game of musical chairs.
For the developers, it's proved a game of high-stakes musical chairs.
The annual offseason round of managerial musical chairs has unfolded in a fashion few could have envisioned.
Shops have changed places in a version of musical chairs, leaving empty storefronts in their wake.
Politics as musical chairs does not provide confidence.
Every day editorial rooms clatter with the sound of musical chairs and broken egos.
The game of political musical chairs is about to begin.
If possible, play sound only and use for games such as musical chairs or while you clean up.
While their chaperones browse, kids can play musical chairs or enjoy the speed cup stacking demonstration.
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