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In essence, a new rainbow of physics emerges by shining old physics through a musical prism.
People from all types of academic disciplines become college presidents, but relatively few have extensive musical backgrounds.
She trekked to libraries and music centers, examining newspaper clippings and programs from hundreds of musical performances.
It required listeners to accept challenge and complexity and musical learning.
Candidates should bring strong musical skills on the major instrument as well as in piano, voice and guitar.
The closest thing to timeless any musical artist could possibly achieve.
What she has in mind is a big tent, one that doesn't exclude fancy toys or snappy musical productions.
The next year he still yearned for a musical career.
To my ear its song seemed more musical than that of the nightingale.
We're a musical family, and have been for some generations on both sides.
Singing, or playing a musical instrument, requires fine muscular control.
Most musical instruments wear out or are consigned to niche markets by design changes.
Sweat-soaked nights here were characterised by the breaking down of traditional musical genres.
Music executives believe the company is cannibalising the musical part of its own business.
Shops have changed places in a version of musical chairs, leaving empty storefronts in their wake.
Yet one can also find distinctive folk and indigenous musical genres in various regions of the country.
There is a close relationship between poetic structure and musical structure.
When judged by its size, our vocal system fails to impress as a musical instrument.
Musical training sharpens the ability to sense emotions.
Our ability to communicate is inseparable from our musical sense.
But my musical sensibility carried over into the kitchen.
Our obsession with musical nostalgia is strangling pop.
He can sing on key, harmonize on key, and hear musical intervals well enough to reproduce them.
Indeed, other companies are also tackling the musical search problem, but in different ways.
It is based on the same principle as the theremin, a musical instrument that is played without being touched.
Belts of electrodes can control muscles in the forearm to help a beginner play a musical instrument.
If the goal is promoting musical education, then focus there.
And other people are musical savants, with musical abilities far beyond the norm.
Letterman goes off the air, and next thing you know, a full musical production is your reward for staying up too late that night.
With the musical tones they stayed within the safe zone nearly three times longer than they could without them.
Musical acts have a similar epidemiology as the flu.
The basic idea is that what would happen if one day, you woke up and all your musical preferences were inverted.
However, the musical sound track for the non-narrated one is good.
The collaborative process doesn't seem odd to anyone familiar with the history of musical theater.
Yet paradoxically it has never had a place in the musical repertory, that is, in any performance tradition.
It has been a long time since a composer has been willing to write so powerful a musical setting to poetry.
At once you notice that you have a rather musical disposition.
But musical organs, from which the word was adopted, have none of the complex feedback interactions that organisms possess.
The book's contribution to musical knowledge is both nil and baffling.
We wondered if you wouldn't contribute some opinions about graphic and musical subjects.
Together, they have created a musical rarity-a truly new sound, drawing from a combination of diverse musical styles.
They would have followed their musical path regardless.
Ever after, he honored the moment as the birth of his musical consciousness.
Her biggest musical influence, you could say, is herself.

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