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Anyone interested in classical music is well aware of its demands.
From there I'll lock myself in my office, blast some music, and do work.
Doctors report several cases of collapsed lungs apparently caused by loud music.
Read the book; he parallels life, music, and science beautifully.
The music of the forties and fifties would never be the same.
She committed the heresy of playing a Madonna song on a classical music station.
What pleasure mariachi music inspires.
The country music festival season kicked off earlier in April.
Computers and other gadgets let you download and listen to music.
As a singer he makes ample use of a bluesy rasp, flexing it to fit whatever dynamic the music demands.
The fluency and ornaments of the finest poems or music or orations or recitations are not independent but dependent.
His song and his music were so delightful to hear, that even his teachers wrote down the words from his lips and learnt them.
Television piracy gets less attention than film or music piracy, but it is no less widespread.
It was not the first digital-music player, but it was simple and elegant, and carried digital music into the mainstream.
Offer music fans a virtually infinite choice of songs free of charge, and they will still gravitate to hits.
Having started rather late, books are swiftly following music and newspapers into the digital world.
Before the iPod, people weren't asking to carry their entire music collection in their pockets.
To hear some tell it, file sharing gutted the music industry by encouraging people to gorge themselves on free, illegal content.
While both games are based on the experience of playing music in a band with your friends, that's where the similarities stop.
Famed neurologist riffs about music and how the brain experiences it.
The popular music files also work with nearly every media player on the market.
Imagine an e-book that comes with its own music background and sound effects that play when you read over the appropriate words.
Music professors, therapists and aspiring composers pore over his work.
It is still about storytelling, about juxtaposing images, about creating a feeling with images and music.
For other people, it was all their great music and when it played in important moments in their lives.
With everybody buying music online, it's literally been reduced to the size of a postage stamp.
Listening to music involves not only hearing but also visual, tactile and emotional experiences.
Music is known to induce terror and tears, as well as inspire dance.
Music may be even more ancient than the human race, over which it holds tremendous sway.
The brain circuits that interpret music overlap with those that process speech.
The new work is part of an emerging portrait of the broader connections between music, emotion and speech.
Dance is a fundamental form of human expression that likely evolved together with music as a way of generating rhythm.
But this decrease in happiness was mediated in a third experiment when subjects got paid to listen to the music.
Smart phones can provide music, movie times, bus schedules.
The patients could still hear the dentist or listen to their own music.
The handsets are crammed with hardware such as digital photograph and video cameras, music players and the dandy screens.
We burn a lot of coal to run the computers that hold your music.
Then the music started and it was magnificently bizarre.
The album includes interludes about her evolution in music, dance, fashion and self.
Popular music permeates students' lives, with earbuds outnumbered only by mobile phones.
With a little imagination, music can also provide an avenue for learning.
What matters is the music, and that's back under copyright.
Dark and disturbing, the music is honest about human nature.
The floor was also decked out with lights that flashed from below, and floor-to-ceiling speakers pounded out music.
We let the characters and subject matter be the charm and avoid over-styled music, treatments and graphics.
What extraordinary resonance he captures merely through the music of the poem.
It's probably not for anyone not addicted to their music and life and style, but it's crack for a few.
People have long been able to photocopy texts, tape-record music, and videotape television shows.
The music is cranked, and squeals of delight reverberate-you might as well be at some über-cool underground lounge.
The widely reported demise of the music business isn't necessarily going to be bad for music.
They don't make music you can dance to, though it facilitates nodding.
Those lines are almost a précis of the music itself.
The politics are not in the commentary as much as in the variety of her music and presentation.
What that meant, in the course of things, is that he also wrote about pop music.
Musical notes often appear on the screen, about the writing of music, about working on music.
He is simply brilliant, writing fantastic music about critical thinking.
Others traced it back to music, to the imitation of animal grunts, or to birdsong.
It would be easy to ignore the sheet of music that sits on a table in the painting.
Let us therefore never lose sight of the humanity of this music, even when it gives itself an official and general air.
Think of the difference between listening to music and tasting wine.
Lots of different chefs in the kitchen, and they take it in turns to bring in music.
Then the sad violin music plays, so we're really sure.
To many people in many cultures, music is an important part of their way of life.
Half of us rely on friends to help us find new music.
Converting genetic activity into music may be a way to monitor health.
Streaming a game is much more complex than streaming video or music, though.
In healthy cells, the notes form music in harmony, indicating a healthy state.
Now in retirement, he wants to digitally reconstruct publishing, as digitization is re-creating the music industry.
The software could keep e-mail at bay if the user is concentrating, or select background music to suit different moods.
Within a few years, chips using such designs could boost battery life in mobile devices such as music players and cell phones.
It will also be a multimedia workstation, supporting the playing and composing of music, for example.
But they use them to listen to pop-music, or to watch soap operas.

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