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Example sentences for mushy

The beans managed to be soft without getting all mushy, and they were seasoned enough to enliven the bland tortillas.
Infected bulbs have a strong odor and are soft and mushy.
Most large animals have to chew food extensively and form it into a mushy ball that's easy to swallow.
Clearly, it is difficult to be crunchy if the scientists themselves are mushy, as they often are.
The end result should be fragrant and colorful, and the veggies should be tender but far from steam-table mushy.
If you decide to cook through, too, there are good recipes for what to make with mushy rice.
First of all, mushy as it sounds in an economics post, happiness matters.
The foundation is a homemade sponge cake, which soaks up all the flavors of the custard without getting mushy.
The problem was flavoring them without making them mushy.
Add about a tablespoon of salt to the water, and boil the cauliflower in it until it is tender but not mushy.
We found the brake pedal a bit mushy, but not enough to cause concern.
Or maybe the only reason you tolerate this mushy pink holiday is for the conversation hearts and chocolate truffles.
These one-celled microorganisms can cause fruits and vegetables to get mushy or slimy, or meat to develop a bad odor.
Once it is cut into chunks, watermelon can quickly become mushy.
The texture of cooked shrimp should be firm, slightly resilient but not tough, moist but not mushy.
Fresh-cut apple slices can quickly turn brown and mushy.
Texture shall be moist and tender, not dry, fibrous or mushy.
Over mature apples will be mushy and won't have the crunch of a firm apple with full color and smooth, clean skin.
Fish have become inedible due to diseases that turn their flesh mushy.
Be sure to eat the fruit as soon as possible because overripe persimmons quickly turn to a mushy texture.
If the clouds in the updraft area have a fuzzy, mushy appearance, the updraft is probably not as strong.
In the mushy region, the thermal diffusivity decreases, with different derivatives on both sides of the melting point.
They should have no green or yellowish discoloration and should not appear dry or mushy in any areas.
That's why fruit that has been frozen, then thawed, appears to be bruised and has a mushy texture.
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