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Hot rocks were then added to the acorn mush or soup and moved about with paddles until the acorn meal was cooked.
Gathered seeds and ground them into meal and made mush or bread.
Literary studies, they feared, was turning into a mush of relativism.
Be careful not to overprocess or your rice will become mush.
When the cold weather hits, they'll get bland and then turn to mush.
Scientists believe the magma chambers-or reservoirs of molten rock-under dormant volcanoes are filled with sticky, viscous mush.
They mush off across the snow, riding deeper and deeper into the frozen wilderness.
Not in the middle of all this rich blackness that could easily turn into bland, gray mush if made too light.
They have gelatinous bodies, so when nets are dragged through the water, the nets turn the jellies into so much mush.
The consensus appears to be that when you try to defrost a frozen corpse you get mush.
If you put butter on a mashed potato, for instance, the result is texturally unexciting: it simply creates a mush.
The size of a sesame seed, the third gut contains a dense mush of symbiotic microbes.
Once upon a time, that meant obscuring and denying the plain truth that the sport can turn players' brains into mush.
Cornmeal and seasonings were added and the resulting mush was pressed into loaves, allowed to set, then sliced and pan-fried.
When defrosted, all the intracellular goo oozes out, turning your strawberries into runny mush.
The technique, which uses a low-dose form of irradiation, destroys the bacteria on delicate foods without turning them to mush.
The latest fitness fad has an unusual goal: bulking up the three pounds of mush between your ears.
With the microtubules turning to mush, the axon begins to relax and lose its kinks.
Two of the top thinkers in the field put their minds together and come up with mush.
Visitors who own a team of sled dogs may bring them to the park and mush during the winter months.
So let's see who clambered out of the mire, and who simply ended up as mush.
It is also a strikingly patchy show containing some fine and thought-provoking paintings and quite a lot of disappointing mush.
Porridges such as acorn mush and cherry pit mush are cooked in this same manner.
Their food was usually a mush made of ground acorns and seeds and flavored with berries or other seasonings.
When the traffic signal is yellow or red, motorists mush stop behind the white stop line.
Their residence time in the syrup is so long that the strawberries are almost transformed into a formless mush.
The parched nuts could be eaten whole or ground to make a warm or cold mush.
However, you mush feed the fish if the water source does not have any plant life.
Yet when these words are mixed together, mush results.
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