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People who clenched a muscle were able to increase their will power in a series of tests.
Also, energy and muscle weakness are par for the course.
But only the biggest power firms have the financial muscle required to do this.
Despite a view that soft power can be as potent as military muscle, he says, this has not translated into policy.
The circular fibers form a thick, uniform layer, and are composed of plain muscle cells of considerable length.
Cosmetically, this is added to sausage because it combines with myoglobin in animal muscle to keep it from turning gray.
The muscle you gain is minuscule compared with the total amount of skeletal muscle in the body.
Compare this to the enlarged heart muscle of some body builders.
Research and innovation are the muscle power that grows our economies.
The muscular system is composed of specialized cells called muscle fibers.
Muscle aches and pains are common and can involve more than one muscle.
Evidence of a circadian rhythm for muscle sympathetic nerve activity in humans.
And since muscle contraction velocity increases as sinews warm up, you can get into a groove right from the start of your workout.
Muscle cramping is a common problem encountered by athletes and nonathletes alike.
Electrical impulses in muscle contraction were first seen in experiments with frogs.
For easy carving, have the butcher cut the rib-eye muscle from the bones, then tie the meat and bones back together for roasting.
Muscle function loss is when a muscle doesn't work or move normally.
She has never even fired a gun, much less thrust a bayonet through muscle and bone.
Unlike the liver, which provides glycogen to any muscle that happens to need it, muscle glycogen can only be used on the spot.
Then cellular fluids become acid, interfering with muscle contraction and causing fatigue.
Contrary to conventional wisdom, heart muscle cells do regenerate after heart attacks, researchers have found.
Instead, exotics such as garlic mustard can muscle in, taking up space and shading out native flowers and tree seedlings.
New muscle tissue engineered from single muscle cells harvested from rat muscle.
They say no for the sheer pleasure of flexing their administrative muscle.
Most sea snakes have such soft muscle tissue, adapted to their loose aquatic movements, that they tend to be awkward on land.
But his ribs were bruised, and the muscle was torn from his rib cage.
He started plunging the needle deep into his bicep, shooting heroin directly into the muscle.
Physical therapy may be helpful to maintain muscle strength and function.
Babies born with the chromosomal abnormality frequently have poor muscle tone, which makes nursing difficult.
But the boutiques will muscle in, exploiting personal relationships and the trend towards consortia advisers.
Every movement was sure and purposeful as they approached in a rippling of sinew and muscle.
The ultimate goal is to grow beating heart muscle from a patient's own cells.
And leopards frequently muscle dead prey twice their own weight up trees to stash them in the branches.
Scientists have reprogrammed skin cells into various types of cells, including heart, muscle and brain tissue.
The rate and extent of muscle changes seems to be genetically determined.
So-called basic skills are the muscle and sinew of the best academic writing.
The ligaments connect bones together and the tendons connect bone to muscle.
Muscle memory and artistic interpretation are so much a part of successful dance.
The liver preferentially absorbs the glycerol and some of the fatty acids--the remainder of which is taken in by muscle.
The vaccine has to find its way from the muscle to the blood and lymph system to encounter the cells that spur protection.
It is often difficult to use the muscle that has been bruised.
Muscle loss, bone loss, abnormal bone swelling or growth.
Bionic neurons have the advantage of being small and can be implanted near the target muscle.
Physical therapy for muscle and joint rehabilitation may be recommended.
Example studies have shown induced currents to cause nerve and muscle depolarization.
Dermatomyositis is a muscle disease characterized by inflammation and a skin rash.
The result is a reduction in muscle soreness and fatigue.
Eye muscle repair is surgery to correct eye muscle problems that cause crossed eyes.
Hypokalemic periodic paralysis is an inherited disorder that causes occasional episodes of muscle weakness.
Osteoarthritis in any of these locations can cause pain, muscle spasms, and diminished mobility.
As these motor neurons die, the brain loses its ability to direct muscle movement.
For the unions, cities are a last stronghold, oddities where labour still has enough muscle to take on a behemoth.
To inch along over coral and rocks, they use a flat muscle on their underside, called a sticky foot.
Strength is a function of cross-sectional muscle area.
They do not help with the muscle and joint pain, but they do protect one's teeth from wear.
Many people with severed spinal cords can create muscle commands in their brains.
How firms cope with this funding crunch depends partly on their government's muscle.
The chemical can make meat leaner, but can also be the cause of heart palpitations, diarrhoea and muscle tremors.
The company claims it's a combination of modularity and muscle.
Few doubt that it will use all its skill and muscle to reduce prices and woo shoppers.
Advertising muscle and consumer demand should not triumph over good taste and cultural sophistication.
To compensate, the remaining healthy muscle works harder to pump blood, swelling as it does so.
In particular, they help muscle cells respond to insulin.
The insulation that keeps seals warm is pure fat, which provides twice the calories of muscle.
Marina had suffered from ventricular fibrillation, a potentially lethal block of the heart muscle.
The organism is also a good swimmer and easily evades the stomach's muscle contractions, which work to flush out other contents.
Those found in adults are more limited: turning into blood cells, say, or muscle cells.
Inject the gene that encodes it into a particular muscle and you can affect that muscle and no other.
It is unclear whether it is over some silly local muscle-flexing, or a deliberately engineered provocation.
The fact that it is now the largest trading partner of many of these countries reflects tact as well as muscle.
Established business houses can use their muscle to expand into new areas, sometimes at the expense of newcomers.
One that churns out actin and myosin, which link up to form units that can expand and contract, will become a muscle cell.
Though it could not clear cataracts that had already formed, it partly reversed muscle-wasting and fatty-tissue loss.
They can use their political muscle to outperform their less well-connected rivals.
Shivering sets in-muscle vibrations generate warmth.
It is responsible for coordinating muscle movement and controlling our balance.
And he noticed that natural construction tends to favor sinewy materials such as wood, muscle, and tendon.
The clot blocks the flow of blood to the heart muscle, which can die from lack of oxygen and nutrients.
The disease can also cause nerve damage in the extremities, sensory loss in the skin, and muscle weakness.
It is intimately adherent to the superficial fascia, which attaches it firmly to the underlying aponeurosis and muscle.
The tendons of striated muscle and muscle sheaths are richly supplied.
The muscle overlaps the upper part of the popliteal vessels.
Neural stem cells, for example, make three types of brain cell and maybe even blood and muscle cells.
But they have more muscle in almost every department.
Nerve cells use a brain chemical called dopamine to help control muscle movement.
Athletes have used so-called cold therapy for years, saying it reduces inflammation, speeds recovery and prevents muscle soreness.
Compartment syndrome is a serious condition that involves increased pressure in a muscle compartment.
Rest, physical therapy, and exercise may be recommended for flank pain caused by muscle spasm.
Physical therapy may help you maintain muscle strength.
In skeletal muscle, the cells never contract individually.
They attached leads for electromyography, a method for measuring the electrical activity of skeletal muscle.
Each contracting muscle creates a shallow depression on the skin surface, which causes the surrounding area to protrude.
The root causes of the pain of shin splints can be divided into two areas: muscle and bone.
Because researchers have shown that the human heart continues to produce muscle cells, even in adults.
Extra fat has bad effects, but more muscle has good effects, according to doctors.
If pain occurs in the joint or muscle, release the stretch.
These health benefits include improved circulation, joint and muscle pain reduction, and congestion and sinus relief.
She stood over six feet tall and had enough bulk and muscle to amaze audiences with her prowess.
Surgeons tied off blood vessels and cut away torn and shattered skin, muscle, and bone.
Dan also visits the clinic regularly for light muscle-training sessions and periodic toenail clipping.
Then, the calcium diffuses to the muscle filaments themselves and causes the actual movement.
But this makes no distinction at all between muscle and bloat.
The military certainly has the muscle to step between the demonstrators and the police.
Not enough muscle and there's no effect: many valuable hours can be wasted.
And the fighting continues, a sort of geopolitical muscle memory, as though airplanes and supertankers hadn't been invented.
It helps to understand that all meat is muscle, and as muscles develop, they get tougher and more flavorful.
As the cells begin to grow together, forming muscle tissue, they are attached to a biodegradable scaffold.
He frequently carried heavy packs on his back and was used to muscle aches, but this pain felt different.
Grabbed his shoulder or arm, squeezed the muscle against the bone.
He was leathery and bent over, but his arms were roped with muscle.
And it was unlike ordinary political coalitions because it didn't have the organizational muscle of voting blocs.
She did not want to see her own sliced skin and muscle.
He'd pulled a muscle while stretching, he'd say, settling down to read the paper.
Pharmaceutical companies provided the financial muscle.
Not a single muscle stirred in his clear, sardonic face.
Five hundred pounds, a great mound of lion muscle, napping.
There was-and is-no argument besides sheer political muscle for the broadcasters getting this gigantic subsidy.
He stands six feet tall and seems to be built of muscle and jaw.
Come on, it's gotta be somewhere in your muscle memory.
Cataplexy, a common symptom of narcolepsy, is characterized by sudden attacks where one loses all voluntary muscle control.
Today, she could be an antique doll, her smile so fixed it appears her face might crack if she moves a muscle.
There is every reason to expect they will soon be found in the muscle meat of cattle.
And given how little capital it takes to persuade a politician these days, that's a lot of arm-twisting muscle.
The strange sensation in his right thigh muscle began as a faint pulse.
For the first time, psychologists mapped muscle variation in the face.
Dermatomyositis, a rare inflammatory muscle disease, may be triggered by viral infection-or something more sinister.
Ironically, beefing up before the trip had no impact on muscle loss.
They come in different types, from brain cells to skin cells to muscle cells.
He rubs her arm and her leg firmly, applying deep-muscle pressure, and her dark eyes pop open.
People the world over made faces using the same basic patterns of muscle contraction, starting from infancy.
Clinical research scientists routinely grow muscle cells in the lab.
The disadvantage is that the tug lacks muscle and could make only small adjustments to the orbit.
Other noted symptoms are hardening of internal organs, muscle pain, fatigue and skin lesions.
The hyoid bone isn't wide enough to receive muscle attachments from the rear of the jaw, where the last two molar teeth sit.
Stranger still, they gave people a muscle relaxant, also calling it a stimulant.
The future no longer built upon their sweat and muscle.
Some type of latch, be it a physical structure or an opposing muscle, holds the leg in place until the right moment.
The strep provokes an antibody response that mistakes the sufferer's own heart muscle and valves for the strep intruder.
Voltage-gated ion channels are complex proteins in the membranes of nerve and muscle cells.
But it was unclear until now whether new heart muscle cells are ever born under real-life conditions inside the heart after birth.
Scientists have found that two compounds can boost endurance in mice by changing the metabolic properties of the animals' muscle.
While the devices are safe in the short term, they can cause damage to the muscle if used over decades.
The band hides a ring of six electrodes that pick up the weak electrical signals produced by active muscle tissue.
Doctors can't do much in cases of severe muscle damage.
Some believe it turns back the clock, with evidence from humans suggesting that hormone treatment reduces fat and boosts muscle.
After that they coat the thing with a layer of muscle- and nerve-scaffolds seeds them, and puts that back into the incubator.
Scientists engineered this three-month-old frog to make a new fluorescent protein in its muscle tissues.
Leads are attached to the patient's heart to record the electrical activity of the muscle.
When the endothelium is damaged, it leads to a condition called intimal hyperplasia--an abnormal growth of smooth muscle cells.
Common side effects from these drugs include muscle pain and soreness.
The biggest weapon in the war on muscle drugs isn't the cops.

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