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With advances in medicine, biology and even prosthetics, the broad gray line will only get wider and murkier.
Second, you seem even murkier on scientific subjects.
But look a little closer and the picture gets a little murkier.
The concept of total personal responsibility for criminal acts keeps getting murkier under the forgiving gaze of science.
There is no murkier area in the tax code than independent contractors.
But it's a less clear-cut version, a murkier portrait of right and wrong that raises sincere questions of intent.
In doing so she strays into murkier and murkier moral territory.
Today scientists are comparing entire genomes in order to illuminate some of the murkier nooks in the tree.
But whether it's under your own roof or a landlord's is a question that's grown murkier.
Those elements have been replaced by a murkier, funkier vibe that draws on far stranger source material for inspiration.
At times it seems that the murkier the issues, the sharper the matter of character becomes.
However, the habits of the younger demographic make the industry's longer-term outlook murkier.
Both sides have polls showing they are winning, but the ground truth is murkier.
At ground level, the market smells of bird droppings and open drains, and the mood is murkier.
But if surgery is required, the choice gets murkier.
Much murkier is what's in store for any students who are inspired to become astronauts.
But the fashion industry's financial future is much murkier.
The picture is murkier for developing countries, which hold the bulk of the world's official reserves.
The economy is growing, but the closer you look the murkier things get.
When it comes to performance, the waters get even murkier.
Scratch the surface, though, and it becomes murkier.
But there were hints even amid the glee that the truth was murkier.
Scratch beneath the surface, however, and the picture is murkier.
Always a worry in bellicose times, the outlook for oil prices is even murkier this time around.
It is seldom stamped, its provenance often even murkier than that of the guns.
But that is no excuse for frightening everybody, nor for making an already murky subject much murkier.
However, there may be murkier reasons for the restraint.
There are people of goodwill on both sides, and actors with murkier motives.
The reasons behind the dramatic decline in other species are murkier.
And while the goal seems rather clear, the facts upon which it is said to be based are quite a bit murkier.
When it comes to giving, however, the picture is a lot murkier.
Though its context and some of its interest is political, the movie is motivated by something deeper and murkier than ideology.
While your opinions were clear on some issues, others were a bit murkier.
The water here is murkier than both parties believe.
For people with dementia, the decision process is murkier.
The water turned darker, murkier, and the temperature dropped several degrees.
Certification of processed foods is an even murkier area.
The news for a number of other programs is much murkier.
The more suspended stuff in the water, the murkier it appears.
South lake with more algae growing on plants, fewer plants and murkier seeming water.
The future is even murkier for total deposits than for core deposits.
Changes in forest land present an even murkier statistical picture.
The question of whether to require notice is murkier.
Application of the plain view doctrine becomes murkier where the item to be regarded is held in a container.

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