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These days one looks for the personality of the artist behind a mural cycle.
Have students attach their drawings or models to the mural.
The museum restored the mural and it has been on exhibit ever since, even traveling while the museum was renovated.
Her newest mural re-creates a dreamscape on a local motel.
Today, a mural depicting a jumping elephant is painted on the wall of a building close to where the incident took place.
And for all its fervour, this particular mural hides a subversive secret.
Use mural paper or a bulletin board to create a local watershed mural.
There you can admire stone rings used to calculate astronomical cycles and you can also marvel at the remains of a mural.
It would have been really cool to grow the images as one continuous mural.
She is immortalized on a stadium mural and has a championship ring.
Construct a mural using several large sheets of paper taped together.
The hotel features open courtyards and mural-covered walls in the lobby.
There are several truly beautiful pieces of art here as well, particularly the gorgeous mural in the loading bay.
Other ranches thrived, of course, and an interpretive mural and bronze statue on-site celebrate both failures and triumphs.
What at first seems a flush of algae, or a pointillist mural of sun-flecked water, is only chartreuse duckweed.

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