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Example sentences for munificence

It is his munificence that has made the project possible.
The supply is replenished in perpetuity by the munificence of nature.
The obvious question is whether directors deserve the extra munificence.
One way to insulate yourself from dubious largess is to accept only small tokens of esteem, not decision-clouding munificence.
And yet the premiere's cast was anything but overshadowed by such visual munificence.
The size of the lettering and the space occupied by donors' names corresponds to the scale of their munificence.
Maliki's electoral munificence underscored the cozy, corrupted relationship between the state and business.
However, the bank had an incentive system which may still hold some sort of record for munificence.
Typically, if you look at the academic notion of munificence in an environment, you will look at rates of sales growth.
Why, such munificence is so rare as to almost cause one to doubt the truth of such a statement.
But his successors, by their laws and example, rather stimulated than checked this dan- gerous munificence.

Famous quotes containing the word munificence

A good man will extend his munificence to the industrious poor of all persuasions reduced by age, infirmity... more
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