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Example sentences for municipality

There are also municipal plans where your municipality, your city or town will give you incentives to purchase a solar system.
Municipality seeks civilian police director to replace retiring police chief as head of local police department.
When purchasing a product, check the number on the bottom of the container to make sure your municipality can recycle it.
If you want distributed power you can install hydro-electric generators on the water supply in every municipality.
Your municipality may also have resources on emergency planning in your immediate area.
Church, municipality and the private sector kept musicians busy.
Purchase products in containers recyclable in your municipality.
Today, it is a well-preserved historic municipality.
Nothing bad would happen if the question of additional street names were left solely for the local municipality to resolve.
Chances are your local municipality doesn't look kindly on vigilantism, and less so on vigilantism armed with zappers.
Depending on your municipality you have to comply with a specific code.
The state environmental law establishes thresholds above which the municipality must order an environmental-impact statement.
It certainly took longer than a few hours to cross the ocean, let alone your municipality, on anything not steam driven.
Unquestionably, an entire municipality benefits from quality parks and recreation.
The sale of the plastic would make a profit for the municipality owning the plant.
But someone-the state or the local municipality-must still provide the unprofitable, inefficient local service.
Contact your local municipality to find out if curbside recycling is available in your neighborhood.
Before disposing of a questionable product, contact your municipality to make sure you fully comply with state and federal laws.
The municipality added that the surplus resulted mainly from.
He is a smart guy with connections in the municipality.
And the capital's hybrid status-not quite a state, nor a municipality, nor a federal territory-hampers efforts to fix things.
The poorer the population, the poorer the municipality, and so the cycle continues-many think irreversibly.
He banned alcohol in restaurants run by the municipality.
Instead, contact your local municipality or pharmacy and ask whether there's a medicine drop off program.
The prefix is determined by the municipality followed by a hyphen.
Tax collectors are responsible for insuring that all property taxes due the municipality are collected.
State, county, and municipality data were all part of this release.
If your business will be located within a municipality you will need to check the local zoning requirements.
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