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You could also buy municipal bonds, which are probably the best value in the bond market these days.
He is now in charge of all the computers at a mid-size municipal library.
The main opposition party also lost a host of council seats at the county and municipal levels.
Stockton began a concerted municipal tree-planting program in the 1920s.
It will impair our ability to monitor ground water conditions impacting municipal water supplies in limestone aquifers.
Non-partisanship in municipal politics was a poet's dream, nice but so unsubstantial.
Your state and municipal job listings have some part-time positions.
They are converting millions of tons of municipal waste into clean electricity and fertilizer.
Nevertheless, concerted efforts to conserve municipal water supplies can help stave off shortages.
Follow local directions for municipal garbage pickup of hazardous wastes.
Our state and local governments are laying off teachers and municipal workers.
The credit ratings of municipal- bond insurers are being downgraded, and the market for corporate debt is troubled.
Often the outdoor environment avoids the anonymity of standard municipal-grade street furnishings.
The loss of municipal guarantees would shift this credit exposure from governments to lenders.
Their votes were tallied by hand at the precinct, municipal, provincial and finally national levels.
The bank is also exposed to suspect municipal projects.
Important initiatives at the municipal and private-sector level are also advancing.
Companies will be compensated by the reform of municipal corporate tax.
Now the power station's owners, led by a municipal state-owned company, are struggling to make it work financially.
He did this with public money, but also some unorthodox policies: he even tried to privatise the municipal savings bank.
Tax-weary investors should look at municipal bond funds.
Falling state and city tax revenues point to a coming crisis in the municipal bond market, experts say.
Brown spent three days in jail, and then a municipal judge ordered him to leave town for two months.

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