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What I fear is that my conclusions appear trivial and mundane.
To the layman our modes of space travel can seem a little mundane.
But his greatest gift—one of particular relevance to the business traveller—is the way he forces readers to rethink the mundane.
The scientist's life isn't all mind-expanding lectures, glamorous awards ceremonies and straightforward (if mundane) lab work.
The mundane sort of piracy can be scary enough.
One mundane example is e-mail: Many professors report that shy students participate more if they can ask questions online.
In any other year it might have been a mundane appearance.
The hold-up scene was dramatic, but others center on decisions much more mundane.
You may be assigned mundane tasks like scheduling appointments.
And many of their proposals are almost embarrassingly mundane.
It may well disappoint us with it's mundane results but to have the truth would be priceless.
Perhaps this is best exemplified by the utterly mundane treatment of squirrel.
As if feather-covered dinosaurs have suddenly become mundane.
And there is nothing more mundane here than the swollen door to my rental apartment.
It cannot be stressed enough how much the discussion has moved on from these mundane issues.
Many factors account for the difference, but the biggest is a mundane matter of timing.
Both are comic writers, properly snagged in the mundane, whose fiction has too often been etherealized out of existence.
The main reason for the change was surprisingly mundane: accounting.
The hyperbole is out of proportion with the more mundane reality.
But then they keep developing the mundane office software business.
Over the years, they've managed only to make ice cream seem more mundane.
Telecommuting is the mundane version of the jetpack, a long-promised, much-anticipated technological system that's never arrived.
Sooner or later, companies mature, and they end up at mundane price-earnings ratios.
Again, the ferocious rhetoric belies the mundane reality.
It has been activated only once, to perform a relatively mundane spamming operation-enough to demonstrate that it is not benign.
In reality, of course, comas are simply mundane and awful.
Twitter at its best is a reminder of the distinctively human complex of the elevated and the mundane.
Part of the band's duties included run-of-the-mill meetings where they helped hammer out details as mundane as food service.
Moreover, family-planning guidelines seemed mundane in the face of impressive developments in the field of reproductive medicine.
Twitter's perpetual narrative captures the mundane and extraordinary with equal measure.
But stop-loss also manifests itself in the mundane-delayed college plans, postponed weddings, missed births.
Regarding the water's more mundane act of rising these past two decades, people here are blasé.
It's a bit of a mundane process applying and getting hired.
At times it will be mundane, and it will surely be frustrating.
Sometimes taking a break from academic writing and doing something mundane is a good idea.
Mundane courses in political indoctrination are required of all and loathed by all but a few select cadres.
Let's attribute a lot of this to more mundane behavioral tendencies.
The continuing structural changes are insidious because they are so mundane.
But the point of a sabbatical is not to work longer hours than ever merely because you're freed from mundane distractions.
However, the bus does have some basis in reality, albeit a more mundane and less glamorous reality.
It went from magical to mundane to annoying in a remarkably short span.
Including mundane things such as a counter-surveillance team.
The research team speculates that when engaged in a mundane task, mind wandering allows people to remain properly aroused.
The truth behind the circles is, alas, almost certainly more mundane: skulking humans.
Seeking improved mental clarity, many patients turn to a seemingly mundane source: cigarettes.
Condensates are pretty mundane and are rarely much more than paint thinner equivalents.
But the ability to inspire a partner is not an accurate predictor of support for the more mundane and immediate obligations.
In practice, however, no quantum cryptographic system is perfect and errors will creep in owing to mundane environmental noise.
They are a whole suite of species, some of which live places as mundane as backyards.
Or maybe what seems exciting to me today is actually mundane.
It can be from the transformative to the mundane and vulgar.
Although these results so far seemed astounding, one potentially mundane explanation remained.
As for depression, it appears to cross virtually all lines, from the mundane to the genius.
Acts of dissent in a totalitarian state can seem incongruously mundane.
Thought to optimize levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, enhancing concentration and turning mundane tasks into wondrous ones.
Far from being a mundane activity, for many scientists interacting with the media is relatively uncommon and quite exciting.
Developers get to work on less mundane tasks, while an unemployed robot gets put to work.
The perfect pitchman for saving the day, even if it's something as mundane as booking a vacation.
Sometimes there is nothing more gripping than the mundane.
Some are mundane: if you are asymmetrical, it is harder to move in a straight line.
It sounds mundane, but it is a licence to print money.
Most of these are rather mundane measures placed on the ballots by legislatures.
The supreme leader is supposed to stay aloof from the cut and thrust of mundane politics.
The solution in this case is far more mundane: tighter control of opiates.
Even though it will be put to rather mundane uses, the technology in question has an exotic name: quantum-dot lighting.
But for mundane applications, it has always laboured under two expensive disadvantages.
The emergence of a global digital network, it seemed, would put an end to mundane physical or geographical constraints.
She professes to pray for guidance on even relatively mundane matters, such as hiring campaign staff.
Inevitably so, since reality is mundane more often than not.
Most other successful start-ups aim for similar niches, making life fun, rather than meeting mundane needs.
But there is another, more mundane cost that should be taken into account: the loss of potential revenue.
Unreasonable people are not always gifted at such mundane tasks.
He could electrify an audience, even at mundane events such as an annual general meeting.
Another, more mundane, reason is that commodities have become popular financial investments over the past couple of years.
Outsourcing, once upon a time so mundane, is moving into the boardroom.
As an explanation for such a portentous mystery, this has to be too mundane.
Whether you wish to travel domestically or internationally, romantic travel for newlyweds need not be mundane.
The skull and oranges likely have mundane origins as well.
It could also help with the more mundane aspects of driving.
For mundane tasks, high incentives motivate people in an almost unlimited fashion.
When the sterile neutrino rotates back into one of the known three types, it may be forced back into our more mundane dimensions.
Apparently the rats' nocturnal visions are constructed from the mundane events of their daily lives, replayed in detail.
Many have reported things that to them were definitely not explained by anything mundane.
Super soldiers are still quite susceptible to mundane threats.
But of course, others think there's a more mundane explanation.
But the data it represents are culled from mundane sources: the addresses of e-mail messages sent or received.
Good grief, use a stick or something mundane, not your orrery and astrolabe.
But to mathematicians, the journey to a higher dimension is about as mundane as a trip across town in a taxi.
The experiment may seem a bit mundane, but it's far from it.
It's also likely that any damage from extra-terrestrial sources is presumed to be something more mundane.
From the mundane to the sublime--Farmer's career in fossil hunting has spanned the spectrum.
If it is bipedal, then the savanna hypothesis in all its mundane glory would be dead.
They had a concert pianist come in to the studio and play mundane pieces while they asked questions.
Allow your creativity to flavor even mundane tasks you might as well have fun.
We don't need to learn about his mundane issues with his dad, as if they somehow explain his endearing wackiness.
Succession planning is a mundane but necessary aspect of corporate life.
Many of the historic artifacts represent the mundane day-to-day activities of making a living from the river swamp.
You'd think some phenomena of nature would be exempt from mundane property laws.
Most soldiers occupied their time with the usual mundane military activities of work details and guard mount.
He had no interest in performing the mundane scheduling tasks that once dominated the lives of floor leaders.

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