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Ask a physicist what emergent properties are and how does he propose to measure them and he'll walk off mumbling to himself.
Mumbling in faculty meetings is not normal behavior, and it cannot be explained by the quirks of faculty.
Sometimes the mumbling and grumbling subsides until it is barely audible.
The other day, one of these mumbling individuals was called to give evidence in a case touching the efficiency of a machine.
And that is what the general population sees: homeless schizophrenics mumbling in alleys.
Consider these mumbling out loud, ruminations to ponder.
Sometimes too relaxed: a slouching, mumbling bartender undermines the ambience of his domain.
But then yet another scene featured a long, mumbling monologue to a horse.
Instead he returns to the parental loft and, mumbling something about the flight, crawls into his old lair.
She chased rabbits in her sleep, stirring and mumbling.
She plays softly and part of the time seems to be mumbling-a mumble that can be heard at the top of the gallery.
The tiny mumbling mouth stretches into a grinning gape that can swallow bugs as big as the frog itself.
The large courtrooms absorb sound, making it difficult to hear mumbling and soft spoken voices.
People are shuffling their papers, moving around in their seats, mumbling.
The robber replied he did not have an account at the bank, and began mumbling incoherently.
Most of those incidents were for talking or mumbling.
Carpenter did not resist, mumbling to the officers that he did not know where he was or how he got there.
Slurred or rambling speech, difficulty understanding speech, mumbling.
They progress from mumbling to clear enunciation, facing the audience and producing their own work.
The laborer was mumbling but was still not responding to his supervisor's commands.
He described her as incoherent and mumbling and noticed her extremities moving in a dystonic pattern.
Presenter with adequate volume, but some words lost to mumbling.
So everybody that you met, they were shaking your hand and looking at you in the eye and they weren't mumbling.
Stumbling, mumbling, fumbling and grumbling are indicators of changes in motor coordination and levels of consciousness.
When two or more are together, they often produce a mumbling noise that seems to be a form of conversation.
Here, the evidence did not show an exact amount of intoxication but only that he was mumbling.

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