multipolar in a sentence

Example sentences for multipolar

It may be multipolar, but even that doesn't seem to encapsulate it all.
Small multipolar cell, in which the axon quickly divides into numerous branches.
The nerve cells are multipolar, and vary greatly in size and shape.
The axons arise from large pigmented multipolar cells.
It is time to consider a new national security act-one more appropriate for a multipolar world.
But that multipolar dynamic actually makes transatlantic cooperation more, not less, important.
The second thesis concerns the concept of stability or order in a bipolar world and a multipolar one.
He thinks the crisis will accelerate the shift to a multipolar currency system, but that the dollar will not collapse.
Whether the leaders of this multipolar world will rub along or bash elbows remains to be seen.
It is not an encouraging precedent for a new multipolar world order.
The gridlock is multipolar, there are many entrenched special interests lobbying to preserve and extend their privileges.
Instead, there can be-and should be-a world that is more multipolar and diverse.
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