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If those claims multiply or rise in price, that does not mean aggregate wealth has increased.
Still, there is a population here that can thrive-and multiply if protected.
The same goes for mild infections of beneficial helminths that can't multiply inside humans.
The wort acts as a food source for the yeast to feed upon and multiply.
Once students reach universities, costs multiply significantly.
Fat cells in males also do not tend to multiply after adolescence.
They put the cells into lab dishes and bathe each type in a fluid that prompts them to multiply.
Nobody knows how many there are, but think of a number and multiply it.
Multiply the length times width of an average cork, and then the length times width of the area to be covered.
They multiply by parthenogenesis-from unfertilized eggs.
Cancer cells multiply rapidly-and such multiplication requires a lot of energy.
Inside these cells, the malaria parasites eat and multiply.
Multiply that by a number of different applications and you can see how this problem gets out of hand quickly.
Once they've germinated, bacteria multiply quickly in nourishing stock.
If they multiply at the same rate as opinions, the process can be insidious, even destructive.
The task for these first four lynx, quite simply, was to go forth and multiply.
Once they have returned to the body, each resistant cell will thrive and multiply in spite of the disease.
To compare double-tax-free funds with taxables, multiply the fund's yield by the factor for the appropriate state and tax bracket.
Better fermentation techniques, based on biotechnology, may multiply that many times.
Benefits multiply when you buy local handicrafts, food, and lodging.
The bugs are tricky to take down, in part because they're unpredictable in the way they multiply.
Injected into the body, they grow and multiply only in the oxygen-poor parts of cancer tumors.
The number of texts covering the same topics will multiply exponentially and, so, the probability of plagiarism will rise.
Extinction may be nature's way of telling us to go forth out of this little gravity well and multiply.
The guns given in exchange helped wars to multiply and grow larger.
Introduced species multiply too quickly and become invasive.
Fed with oxygen and amino acids, they multiply and begin to emit light.
What is hidden from sight and excluded from discussion has a tendency to multiply and expand.
New laws will multiply in response to an increasingly smart world.
Multiply that millions of times and there's no way conventional thermal power plants can keep up.
So they will multiply exponentially up to the limit of the food supply.
It can easily be farmed and being prolific breeders, they can multiply faster than any native species.
Multiply by millions for macroeconomics but it is still the same.
The other governments have also been encouraging their citizens to stay put and multiply.
Even the smallest microbe can figure out how to find food, eat, excrete and multiply.
It occurs when plasma cells mutate into cancerous cells and multiply in the blood.
But the toads' lack of interest in eating grubs was matched only by their eagerness to multiply.
Multiply a city's rank by its population and the result will match the size of the biggest city.
The risk was that the weirdness would multiply until he was hardly human.
And computers are increasingly interconnected, so that if one misbehaves, the effect may multiply.
But when that logic is cast into silicon as transistors and interconnecting wires, the problems multiply.
Worldwide, it would be safe to multiply this figure by a factor of two.
These difficulties are bound to multiply in any effort to construct some form of global market.

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