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Example sentences for multiplier

However, the late adolescents were more swayed and parted with significantly more points as their partner's multiplier increased.
The controversial part of the theory has to do with multiplier effects.
The researchers simply applied a unique multiplier to each set of data in order to come up with the estimates.
But by interweaving several stories, the movie suffers from a peculiar multiplier effect: it deepens its shallowness.
The multiplier is also likely to vary according to the type of fiscal action.
The multiplier is roughly how much bang the government gets for its spending buck.
Today's economists disagree over the size of this multiplier.
The multiplier effect for jobs dollars is in that range and there is no reason to expect it to be different for increased costs.
Another way to look at the situation is through the money multiplier.
Can you please explain to me the counter-current multiplier mechanism.
To calculate the indirect cost of this injury or illness, multiply the direct cost by a cost multiplier.
The end-use of a product is what determines its multiplier effects.
Each multiplier represents the estimated direct and indirect effects on the nation's output of a dollar's worth of a given policy.
Open the sensor chamber in subdued light only and only with the power off otherwise the photo-multiplier tube may be damaged.
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