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The need for pictures was prompted by the proliferation of fruit names that accompanied the multiplication of varieties.
The widely-used apparatus helped users with multiplication, division and other calculations.
The operator on the left side of the real formula is a multiplication symbol, not a division line.
Presumably it took the funeral directors years and years to learn the advanced technical skills--multiplication--involved.
She can tell time and do simple math, including multiplication and division.
Unfortunately, during the multiplication process the cells shed the genetic code that directs them to turn into hair follicles.
But exactly how the drug manages this multiplication trick has proved difficult to pin down.
Hair cloning and hair multiplication is constantly being hyped up by various doctors and biotech companies.
Cancer cells multiply rapidly-and such multiplication requires a lot of energy.
Often they are connected by simple operations such as addition or multiplication.
Their participation in politics ensures safety of their ill gains and its multiplication.
Sometimes statistics are available but units need conversions or a multiplication with physical constants are needed.
In a way, this is a matter of multiplication: nine cameras see many times more than one.
With a higher moral nature will come a restriction on the multiplication of the inferior.
During pregnancy the alveoli enlarge, and the cells undergo rapid multiplication.
Formerly there were some restraints on this excessive multiplication.
My education in that branch had run into a snag about the middle of the little multiplication table.
Moreover, there is no impediment to their almost infinite multiplication.
Merely the multiplication of incidents could not have preserved him.
His tongue is only stealthily in his check, and his voice is as calm and level as if he were reciting the multiplication table.
Amazed at how many people cannot do simple multiplication.
Surely you can't get the right answer with a multiplication.

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