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Researchers have identified two types of white blood cells that are thought to cause multiple sclerosis by attacking nerve tissue.
Corporate war games, which simulate the interactions of multiple actors in a market, provide a better way to do so.
Twin study surveys genome for cause of multiple sclerosis.
Choosing pieces that can serve multiple functions is a must.
Running multiple operating systems is the way to go when you can't decide which one suits you best.
People with multiple sclerosis should make every effort to preserve their general health.
Some funds of funds focus on single strategies and others pursue multiple strategies.
Give the groups time to conduct research on one of these local issues and identify the multiple perspectives inherent to it.
The results of a couple of the multiple choice questions would worry anyone, however.
Of course, running streaming services to multiple continents isn't a cheap ordeal.
Multiple sclerosis and demyelinating conditions of the central nervous system.
In fact, the substance could possibly aid in the treatment of depression and multiple sclerosis.
Multiple choice questions test basic factual knowledge and simple reasoning skills more than conceptual understanding.
Among reptiles, on the other hand, multiple species have been found with a variety of tooth shapes in their jaws.
Tends toward multiple trunks and excessive bushiness but responds quickly to pruning.
Multiple sclerosis is a tricky disease to find and diagnose.
Enter multiple addresses separated by commas and/or different lines.
Rather, good readers use multiple strategies constantly.
The more complex an organism, the more likely it became that way by extracting multiple protein meanings from individual genes.
Both are equally beautiful in the warm, wet season, when their ventral wings have multiple large eyespots.
Scientists are looking into a treatment for multiple sclerosis that involves injecting stem cells in to the bloodstream.
Symptoms of multiple sclerosis appear in a variety of ways.
It contains multiple versions of many of his iconic photographs.
Arrange multiple silhouetted pumpkins along the center of an outdoor table.
Multiple relocations are surprisingly common and often harmful to the elderly.
Some mummies had calcification in multiple arteries.
It's been said that menudo cures the aftereffects of those multiple champagne toasts.
Having a single device that can connect to multiple carriers is a big step in the that direction.
Invest in props that can be reused for multiple costumes over multiple years.
Amino acids come in multiple forms, but only some are used by living things to form proteins.
Lean multiple frames of various sizes against a wall for a casual collage effect.
If you have any advice or steps to install multiple operating systems, please feel free to include them below.
These workers then take over expanding the nest, building multiple six-sided cells into which the queen continually lays eggs.
For multiple trunks, stake lower branches or basal suckers to continue growth at desired angles.
The channels will be created in partnership with multiple other media companies, and are planned to launch next year.
The aggressive ants also swarm over people, stinging multiple times with venom that induces a painful, fiery sensation.
Produces multiple trunks, which are covered with a dense mat of old leaf bases.
If you need multiple pieces, overlap the mesh by a few inches.
The successful candidate will also teach multiple sections of college writing per year.
Scattering the message among multiple files and websites offers a number of advantages.
The trio, rather, is a matter of multiple perspectives.
It should come as no surprise that any ecosystem will have multiple niches that the inhabitants fill in multiple ways.
Multiple entrants are not permitted to share the same email address.
The brain recognizes food-based illusions on multiple levels.
Then shake your device to break the picture up into multiple pieces.
Student and graduate questionnaires were audited for multiple or false entries.
The syllables can be words by themselves or can be combined with others, and they often have multiple meanings.
And at the crossroads, where multiple filaments converge, are clusters of galaxies: the cosmic megacities.
People are also suggesting a sort of multiple stress disorder.
We have taken all reasonable steps to implement multiple security layers in the project.
The dating methods are as accurate as they are presumed to be, by multiple independent verifications.
The many large-scale prints on display evoke multiplicity by creating multiple worlds within the same enormous visual space.
The modules can be chained together, so people can layer multiple tone circuits on top of one another inside a single pedal.
The accounts come from multiple sources, which adds to their credibility.
The rare photo was only captured after multiple treks into the dense forest.
In commercial films you have multiple copies of the same content.
Scientists need to fill out multiple forms to get basic tools, hindering progress, and technology transfer is difficult.
Operate in multiple countries and specialize in road cycling and/or mountain biking.
The brain recognizes edible artwork on multiple levels.
Storey has taken the frogs through multiple consecutive freeze-thaw cycles and found no adverse effects.
The pre-application form can be completed in multiple sessions.
When your exploring takes you off the grid, you need devices that fill multiple needs.
The lacteals are in some cases double, and in some animals multiple, but usually there is a single vessel.
As an author, he has engaged in multiple activities.
Where appropriate, a special note is added to highlight those countries with multiple time zones.
When the number of guests is a multiple of four, the host and hostess never sit opposite each other.
Color, multiple storage spots, and recycled materials give it warmth and character.
While some individuals build up immunities from multiple exposures to an allergen, others will develop sensitivities.
In the last five years, multiple births have quadrupled with the widespread use of fertility treatments.
In your case, you send your applications to multiple departments.
One critical concern for libraries is how to avoid paying for the same content in multiple versions.
It's not unheard of to send multiple letters though.
Dozens of those players, the report found, had multiple arrests.
For the first time, astronomers have taken a visual image of a multiple-planet solar system beyond our own.
Nurses rushed them to the hospital's trauma unit, where doctors treated them for multiple organ failure.
Several planets in our solar system have multiple moons.
Human listeners can selectively tune out all but the speaker of interest when multiple speakers are talking.
It's called entrainment and there are multiple companies in the market.
Multiple antennas on the modem and tower help, too, by letting a tower manage interference more efficiently.
Firms that use cloud-based systems should be looking at ways to distribute work across multiple providers.
Some of these will be multiple, nested or in some other way complex.
But the multiple scandals are straining her ramshackle coalition.
Likewise, in security screening, having multiple layers is the key.
So miners should spread their political risk by digging in multiple countries.
Only then was it recast in less fleeting terms: as a multiple of the wavelength of a particular type of light.
Most polling booths opened for only an hour to prevent multiple voting.
It's a compelling story, and one that is told in serious books and on multiple websites.
Multiple animal icons might represent alliances or marriage ties between various groups.
There is a simple rule of thumb that can be applied toward multiple solutions: don't expend energy in order to dissipate energy.
At present, the disparity is something that requires further study of multiple tyrannosaur growth series to resolve.
Many new species have been found and family trees have been reshuffled multiple times.
Sometimes, travelers can get the best deals on airfare by using multiple airlines.
Chances are good that you also use multiple computers.
The individual vortices in a multiple vortex tornado are indeed called suction vortices.
We have provided handheld video cameras to multiple players, who will capture the untold stories of spring.
If life arose from multiple species-each with a different set of proteins-many more mutations would have been required.
The reflections bounce back and forth from side to side creating multiple images.
Triggered by heat and movement, our simplified all-weather cameras capture multiple images of backyard wildlife.
Moms outrank barren females in these snub-nosed societies, and males with multiple mates gain high status.
Multiple predators, including crabs and flocks of gulls, voraciously prey on hatchlings during this short scamper.
Triggered by heat and movement, these simplified all-weather cameras take multiple images to capture backyard wildlife action.
Registering allows you to view your content on multiple devices.
And designs that include sliding cutting boards, graters, and multiple sprayers help you achieve maximum workstation efficiency.
Each client paid five dollars and answered more than a hundred multiple-choice questions.
In the two weeks immediately following his emergence on the national scene, he had registered multiple hits in a game six times.
Positive feedback and multiple equilibria have to be taken seriously.
Multiple people paced the room in multiple directions.
They started to recognize a need for multiple umpires, usually to avoid some sort of cheating.
The main trouble is the practice of publishing multiple ten-best lists.
Leona was convicted of multiple counts and served eighteen months in federal prison.
His pitching motion invites similes and multiple-angle replays.
For ease of reading onscreen some longer articles are continued on multiple pages.
Some hobbyist linguists have even parsed the multiple spellings into computer code and a handy chart.
The biology teacher also enjoys the psychic ease of grading multiple-choice tests.
They are simultaneously holding multiple jobs, working for different employers, and mastering diverse skills.
Multiple meaningless slogans in a short time frame is a sure sign that the brand in question has lost its way.
Yet domesticated bees are struggling on multiple fronts, and their populations have plummeted.
One interesting feature of these responses: many people use multiple readers.
The crisis has multiple lynchpins, and it carries wide ramifications for college sports.
We've seen him do it on multiple policy fronts, including health care, the biggest initiative of his presidency.
Axons have multiple terminals, so each neuron has multiple synapses.
There were also reports of army involvement in ballot stuffing, multiple voting, and theft of ballot boxes.
Instead of examining these complex communities from multiple points of view, they single out one group of actors as villains.
They are disturbing, confusing, and they have a multiple significance.
The parts he was describing had to be so arranged as to allow for multiple doublings.
Its multiple, conflicting desires threaten to frustrate the yearning for coherence.
Now that the multiple bubbles have burst, there's obviously a strong case for a return to much stricter regulation.
True enough: all the chapters went through multiple drafts.
Results from clinical trials concerning multiple myeloma.
Good tests should include a mix of essay, problem- solving, short-answer and even some multiple-choice questions.
It combines slices from multiple panoramas captured along a stretch of road into one continuous view.
That's because of the expense and complexity of these more comprehensive, multiple-parameter tests.
She says that a lot of great functionality, such as that of mashups, comes from using tools from multiple sources.
By attaching different antibodies on different light channels, the same sensor could detect multiple diseases.
That's because multi-touch technology implies multiple users.
Soldiers who are packing multiple portable technologies could soon have less heavy lifting to do.
Image-processing software distills the models from aerial photos captured by custom packages of multiple cameras.
Or users may want to store the same data in multiple clouds for backup.
Several wafers, each containing multiple copies of a different component, could be layered one on top of the other.
They show that the output current increases by entwining multiple fibers to make the yarn.
When you want to charge your device, you'd wrap specially designed earphones around the tower, multiple times.
The technology can handle multiple shadows and reflections--even reflections of reflections.
Capacitive touch screens can also accept input from multiple simultaneous touches.
Successfully removing one involves thousands of dollars in laser surgery, often with multiple procedures.
For those monogamous males who have entertained the fantasy of multiple wives: forget about it.
We had to divvy up the equipment, so there were people carrying multiple weapons, people carrying extra body armor.
And, yes, he referred to his multiple henchmen as minions.
He probably suffers from multiple-personality disorder, and he takes his dreams for prophecies.
The trials are expected to begin this summer, and may be carried out in multiple medical centers.
If the cancer reaches the lungs, especially in multiple nodules too numerous to remove surgically, patients die within months.
Thus, it took the group two birds a little longer to crack the puzzle-sometimes multiple attempts.
To my knowledge, it was the binding agents when they started to administer multiple vaccinations in one dose.
They are the first non-mouse chimeras-creatures made up of cells from multiple other parents-to be created by science.
To unearth the bacteria's inner workings, the researchers zapped the connective proteins with multiple ultrafast laser pulses.
They have unconnected branches of multiple phylogenetic lineage trees.
They know about hypertension because there are multiple hypertensive drugs.
There might be multiple business plans, and something signals when to switch from one to another.
The kindle is quite inferior at the use case where you want to look at multiple things on multiple pages.
He was now paying the price for his calcium deficiency with multiple vertebral compression fractures.
Using data from multiple receivers, the location of the badge could be triangulated.

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