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The huge multinational corporations direct policy in almost every country in the world now.
So multinational corporations can walk in and buy companies that the tax payer built, for next to nothing.
Of course, then the large multinational publishing houses are freely able to use it.
Dell did not become a multinational corporation by building the best computers in the world.
Every large multinational corporation provides large sums of funding for numerous academic pursuits.
They do take tests, but the tests are drawn up by their own teachers, not by a multinational testing corporation.
From now on, every multinational company should have to pay a basic minimum tax.
He proposed a minimum tax on multinational corporations.
As their multinational clients expand into developing countries, they are finding it imperative to follow.
He could go on a populist tear, blaming all of today's economic problems on plutocrats and multinational corporations.
While foreign unions cheer, multinational companies fret.
Well-paying jobs, preferably with multinational firms, are the key to success in the marriage market.
The government has offered tax breaks to multinational companies that list their local subsidiaries.
Now it is a global index of multinational companies operating in many different industries and countries.
Fifth, there is evidence that being bought by a foreign multinational is good for productivity.
The multinational's website could offer them direct access to customers and delivery through an established large retailer.

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