multilevel in a sentence

Example sentences for multilevel

Squares and rectangles appear throughout the garden and shape three multilevel backyard patios connected by wide stairs.
They are rebranding it as multilevel selection theory: selection constantly takes place on multiple levels simultaneously.
They can nest within one another, forming a multilevel mosaic.
The process might well be endless, paralyzing deals and complicating intricate multilevel negotiations.
One aim was to develop what are called multilevel secure wide-area networks.
Multilevel security prevents users from interfering with one another.
Throughout human history, warring human factions would have experienced these kinds of multilevel selection pressures.
Priests burned offerings at the top of the multilevel platforms, as each layer of society gazed up from its proper elevation.
Other holes that golfers navigate include a maze and a few multilevel shots.
The club boasts a multilevel layout and strives for an upscale atmosphere and sophisticated clientele.
And that the mission takes a wild twist when the tank you're driving tracks its prey into a multilevel parking garage.
The position of the wreck enables divers to extend their bottom time with a multilevel dive profile to explore various sections.
There are three levels of comfortable seating, the lower one dominated by a gushing multilevel waterfall.
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